The ‘Thick’ Ally Leadership Deck

I’m not sure about you, but Marvel Champions has definitely been my game of choice during this pandemic. I love the difference in styles between each character and am always looking for new decks that change the way a hero plays or feels on the board. For me, the aspect that invites the most creativity is Leadership. The Ant-Man hero pack gave us the biggest change up in terms of an aspect’s card list by handing us some incredible upgrades that take the aspect away from simply flooding your board with allies to use and defend with. A theme that I have seen on social media forums and chats has been around how its now possible to build ‘Thick’ allies that are maxed out with multiple upgrades, and this got me thinking – is it possible to build a deck centered around a single ally? Probably… so here we go then!


Don’t Cross The Streams? – A Look at Design in Marvel Champions, Issue #1: Aggression

Deck construction games can be pretty daunting. Marvel Champions, avoids this through the simplicity that is "pair a hero with one of the 4 aspects." These aspects are all deeply tied to the goals of the game: "Aggression" deals damage, "Protection" prevents damage, "Justice" focuses on stopping the villains from completing their dastardly schemes (you dastards!), and "Leadership" focuses on using your allies to do all of the above. Because these aspects are so rooted in the goals of the game, the cards within them tend to be of a similar design. However, making games is hard and balance in design, whether intentional of not, can easily be disrupted. Here, in part one of a four part series. I'll be looking at aspect cards that cross the streams, blurring the lines between their own aspect and another. Are these cards necessary to make the game interesting, or do they break the game by doing too much? Let's find out.

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The Top 10 Signature Allies Currently in Marvel Champions

The signature ally in Marvel Champions is often a key component of the 15 card hero-kit. Every hero has one (with the exception of Hulk), but some are more essential than others. For this list, I’ll be considering the allies released up to Ant-Man, because that’s what I’ve had the chance to actually play. Also, this list is for fun, so have fun with it! Now, let’s take a look at the Signature Allies released so far and see who is the best of the best.


Galactic Hype: A Look at the Upcoming Galaxy’s Most Wanted Campaign

With the increased popularity of the game, we're seeing plenty of expansions coming out within the next few months such as Quick Silver, Scarlett Witch, Wasp and my most anticipated one, Galaxy's Most Wanted! I've always had interest into that part of the Marvel Universe. I would of preferred if Star Lord and maybe Gamora would of been released with the box, but I'm not going to complaining about our favorite tech savvy racoon and his one liner sidekick!


Quicksilver Hero Pack – Initial Reactions

Thanks largely to an Amazon error, fans of the Marvel Champions game got a chance to purchase the Quicksilver Hero Pack last week with next day prime delivery. Whatever or however this happened, as people spread the news on Reddit and other forums it was clear that such an error wouldn't stay around long, and soon enough Amazon stopped selling the product with next day delivery shipping as an option. The release date for Quicksilver is now unclear along with that of the Wasp and Scarlet Witch, yet it begs the question are these characters also sitting on the shelves in warehouses across the globe?