Marvel Champions Hero Kit Theming, Issue #1: Black Panther

Written by CaptainAmeriDave


In this new series, I’ll be going through each hero in Marvel Champions to comment on the theming in their signature set of hero cards. I’ll assess each of the different cards in the hero’s kit and then give a rating on how well that card represents the character and their abilities. Finally, I’ll give an overall theme rating for the hero. The ratings range from A-F. I’m not using an S-rating because that’s typically used in power ratings. This list is simply commenting on the theme of the card. Additionally, the effectiveness of a card in play is not inherently related to how well it is themed, though there may be exceptions to this. This isn’t meant as a strategy guide, but maybe it will help you enjoy the theming around these heroes more than you did before.

The Cards


Black Panther’s Alter-Ego ability shows his ever-readiness to defend Wakanda. It would be nice if he had an ability that lasted throughout the game, but the fact that he can choose which upgrade he wants means he is not only ready, but that he can tailor his suit to respond appropriately to whichever villain he is facing.
Rating: B

Black Panther

One damage might not seem like much on the surface, but Retaliate is a fantastic ability that should not be overlooked. In the case of theming, this fits both with BP’s excellent fighting skills and the idea that his Vibranium suit can hit back at the villain.
Rating: B


BP’s sister is a powerful ally. She can provide you with an additional Black Panther upgrade or any other upgrade you might want from your deck. This ability showcases her genius and compliments BP’s Alter-Ego ability well. She can always be sure to outfit you with the best assets whether it’s for your suit or some other new gadget.
Rating: A

Ancestral Knowledge

This card allows you to delve into your past and pull the best tools at your disposal. It also forces T’Challa to exercise some decision-making in having to choose three different cards. This is a powerful tool that allows you to pull back important upgrades that have been lost or to strategize upcoming events.
Rating: A

Wakanda Forever!

This card’s usefulness is inherently tied to BP’s upgrades. I’ll try to separate it thematically as much as I can. Judging by the title of this card, it would seem it is meant as a war cry (though not in quotes). A war cry that has no effectiveness apart from the use of BP’s suit kind of falls apart thematically.
Rating: F


In my opinion, this is the best card in BP’s kit, it uniquely qualifies him to handle those pesky attachments that the Encounter deck throws at you. Thematically, it’s strong as well. He’s three in his deck, which literally makes him wealthy compared to other heroes. He can utilize the powerful element to meet any kicker requirement that’s needed.
Rating: A

The Golden City

Much like Vibranium, this card emphasizes Wakanda’s resourcefulness. A two-card boost is always useful and definitely above average compared to most Alter-Ego boosters. However, it is a little odd that it would only be beneficial to the King of Wakanda while in Alter-Ego form.
Rating: B

Energy Daggers

Energy Daggers are a great way to spread damage. Much like the comics would suggest, these are typically low damage, but great at damaging a multitude of enemies.
Rating: B

Panther Claws

A very standard damage dealing option. However, being BP’s primary source of damage, it seems a little underpowered. I realize that if you’re able to hit multiple Wakanda Forever’s in a turn, this could be more devastating. But, I would’ve liked to see some way to boost the damage or at least for it to have had Piercing.
Rating: C

Tactical Genius

For as much of a strategic master as Black Panther is in the comics, this one definitely feels underpowered. I would’ve liked to see it have 2 standard/4 final effect OR for it to affect all schemes in play, much like Iron Man’s helmet (while Aerial).
Rating: D

Vibranium Suit

Similar to his Retaliate ability, but more so, this card showcases the suit’s ability to reflect damage and, arguably, his strongest upgrade. Essentially, this is healing but by also damaging the enemy, you’re getting a 2-4 point swing in health for each Wakanda Forever used.
Rating: A

Overall Rating: B

In Conclusion

So, Wakanda Forever is the only one that seems to lack a theme in itself. That doesn’t mean the card doesn’t work great in this kit, just that in and of itself, it lacks theme. While I could ding the upgrades too, for needing to have another card to activate them, I’m giving them a pass as they at least have unique abilities. Overall though, Black Panther’s kit remains one of the most unique in Marvel Champions, because of its non-linear structure. With events and upgrades that can only be used in conjunction with each other and a powerful resource system, he is both difficult to master and extremely versatile. This allows for a lot of strong theming in his kit.

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