Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #10: Coolest Basic Allies

Written by CaptainAmeriDave


Today we’re taking a look at all the Basic allies Marvel Champions has given us thus far. Who are the most thematic, most powerful, or just the most fun to play? Let’s rock and roll.

Honorable Mention:

Drax is a pretty thematic ally. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much for his versatility. He goes right for the villain and ONLY the villain. I actually like this ally quite a bit. He gets out 12 damage or 9 damage and a block for 3. That’s pretty decent. Decent damage directed only at the villain. It’s good, just not great.


Cosmo doesn’t really have a downside, he just doesn’t have much of an upside either. He’s cheap and he could stick around for a bit. His ability to possibly not take consequential damage goes well in certain situations, but if you’re playing him a regular hero and you take consequential damage on the first attack/thwart. You’ll probably use him as a blocker rather than risk wasting him on 1 attack/thwart.


War Machine

War Machine is a bit of a situational ally. Retaliate still isn’t super common, so his Ranged ability is a rare advantage. The Toughness is also great to have, because he can get two blocks for you. However, stun is generally better in most situations as we’ll see later.



Everyone hated Lockjaw when he came out. But Lockjaw is super thematic and most people have changed their minds. He’s not for every deck, but he fits the ‘always there when you need him’ role for allies. He can teleport in at just the right time and save day. The only reason he’s not higher is that he’s pretty much a one trick doggie (haha) even if that is a cool trick.



This guy is expensive, but oh so good. He’s a step up from Falcon because he can discard a card and rearrange the others. Besides that, he can provide some great attack/thwart while he’s on the table.


Rocket is a blast. He’s not the strongest ally, but he can railroad the small to medium sized minions and spread some damage to the villain while he’s at it. For a 3-cost hero, he can really switch up your board state in certain scenarios.



Ironheart is great because she’s so cheap. She only costs 2 and she gives you a card back. It’s like getting a blocker ally for next to nothing before you even start your turn. She’s a great option in almost any deck because you can play her without using your whole turn just to play an ally.



Miles is a save-the-day card. He can burst an attack/thwart to clear a minion, take out the villain, or save you from losing to scheme. He’s versatile, which makes him a solid option for most decks and he’s just a lot of fun to play.



Mockingbird and War Machine are somewhat similar, but Mockingbird wins out here because of her cost and because stun is slightly better than tough in most cases. Using tough to block means that the villain still activates. This could mean that a boost effect comes into play. There are also any number of schemes and environments that trigger upon a villain’s activation. Mockingbird’s cost keeps her as a reliable option in most decks as well.


Groot rockets up to the top of the basic list (haha, see what I did there) with a cheap cost and fantastic ability. Groot can take a licking and keep on ticking. He can reliably sit and block a nasty minion turn after turn because he keeps healing for 2. In some cases, he may be able to take 3+ blocks from the villain as well (if they aren’t hitting for much). You probably won’t use his attack/thwart that much, but what you’re getting is more valuable. It’s too bad he can only be played by the other Guardians.


Nick Fury

Ok, Groot was going to be my #1. But on second thought, I just had to put this guy at the top. Nick Fury is the jackknife of Marvel Champions, or the Gandalf if you’ve played Lord of the Rings LCG. His best ability is the card draw, because that makes him really cheap and gives you several more options for your turn. I can’t tell you how many times that card draw has saved my butt in a game. Three cards generates a lot of options and a lot of resources. But the other options really round out Nick Fury. You may not choose them that often, but sometimes the extra attack/thwart can be just what you need as well. There are cards with better costs for what he does, but they don’t provide all those options (card draw/damage/remove threat). Nick is a good option to consider for any deck, even if it’s just as a failsafe.


So that is our list. Agree? Disagree? Please leave a comment down below and let us know what you think.

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1 thought on “Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #10: Coolest Basic Allies”

  1. For me, so many decks love 2 cost allies that Cosmo sees more play than almost all the others. He should be up there with Nick, Mockingbird, Miles, and Ironheart. The Guardian allies are indeed great but… their drawback makes them unplayable in most decks.

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