Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #8: Hero Cards from Galaxy’s Most Wanted

Written by Herohodgson


With so many of us now enjoying the Galaxy’s Most Wanted box, it is becoming clearer which cards are the ones you want to see in your hand when The Collector is bearing down on you. Having played through the campaign with both characters, I can honestly say I love both of their designs, either tinkering and charging with weapons in the midst of a crisis with Rocket (does anyone have any tape?) or growing at a gargantuan rate as the lovable Groot. I try to remind myself that I shouldn’t be bench marking their overall power levels against the likes of Quicksilver and Doctor Strange and just enjoying the ride and what their cards bring to the game.

So of the hero cards, which are the top ten across the two decks? I’ve based my choices around their overall power, cost effectiveness and playability. So here’s my nominations!


Particle Cannon would be way higher on this list if it had 3 charge counters on it. Even so it’s a great punch for 8 over two uses. I wouldn’t normally scrap it, but use it for mean swings as I wait for a battery charge to show up. Ranged isn’t as good as Piercing but can be useful against certain villains like Zola, and overkill is becoming more and more of a tool to play with.


Blocking attacks with allies is becoming far more important than I think the developers realized when designing the game. Its rare for me to play allies with the intention of thwarting and attacking them into my discard pile and its why in previous articles I’ve written how cheap ones like Clea and Ironheart are so good in my opinion. Groot is arguably the best ally in the game for blocking minion attacks with where you know you’re only going to be hit for 2/3 damage. The reason he isn’t higher on this list is that you have to be a Guardian to play him, and I imagine in a 4 player Guardians game his hero deck won’t likely be left out.


Its about time we saw more weapons in the aggression deck. 3 charges is nice, but the fact that this weapon isn’t hero specific makes it very portable into other Aggression decks. Overkill is also nice, given how you can increase that even more with Follow Through. Hand Cannon opens up a lot of possibilities with any hero you pair up with the Aggression aspect and brings cards like Mean Swing into play a lot more. Loading up your hero with cannons and big Asgard axes? Sign me up.


When playing Protection in solo mode, its hard to find adequate damage from hand outside of retaliate triggers. If you’re able to keep your health up, then dealing 5 damage for 2 cost is slightly above curve, which is why I think a couple of copies of this card should go into pretty much every Protection deck now for a little damage splash for a minion or the villain.


Who hasn’t done the voice when playing this card? Given that its quite possible to get huge numbers of growth counters on Groot (particularly if you can get allies or other players take hits for you) dealing potentially 10 damage for 2 cost is insane. The challenge with this card is not seeing it too early so that you have a chance to ‘grow up’, but there’s the potential here to kill off a villain in one huge swoop which is always a great feeling. If this card had overkill too it would be bonkers.


The best thing about this card – Choose a player. Having the freedom to decide and help out a friend in need as they deal with the 3 Psionic Ghosts engaged with them or help someone nuke the Badoon Headhunter. A brilliant way of clearing up messy board states. Bonus points if you can get Squirrel Girl played in the same round.


One of the things I’ve noticed most about Galaxy’s Most Wanted, is the number of minions that can come into play. Its rarely the big 4/5 damage from the villain that kills me off, but then realizing that I’m getting another six or so in minion attacks. That’s why Starhawk is such a versatile card. If you know you’re going to take 3 damage, leave him out. If its 2 then get one thwart off, or if its just 1 damage you can attack for two before pulling him back to your hand ready to get out again or just use as another resource for next round. A fantastically designed, flexible protection ally.


“No I’m not crying its just.. my allergies, must be something in the popcorn or something”

With the power ramp becoming ever clearer in villains it makes status cards an even better way of dealing with huge attacks. Depending on what you’re wanting to do that turn removing growth counters isn’t great, but as we’ve seen with heroes like Doctor Strange blocking potentially 20-30 damage with tough status cards will make you popular in multiplayer and let everyone stay in Hero mode longer or keep allies out for another round.


Worth the number two spot just to hear people butcher the pronunciation. Pairing this up with the Rocket Launcher to go from 1 health to max health is incredible. 2 cost is bang on in terms of getting this played alongside another event or weapon to maximize it, but in my opinion it’s the best healing event in the game, given that with Rocket’s overkill capabilities you’re practically guaranteed to get 4 health off it (at the very least) each round you can play it.


It really bugs my friend Stuart how they put one of the few characters
that has no superpowers on this card!

This is the only card in the set that potentially goes into every hero deck regardless of aspect. That’s a good thing as we don’t want too many ‘must haves’ in the game, but this card almost feels too good. 1 cost is insane as you potentially get that back immediately if you have a superpower card in hand. To detail how good this is here is a list of some (not all) of the cards that it will work on in particular;

⦁ Most of Groot’s, Hulk’s and She-Hulk’s cards
⦁ Most of the Quicksilver cards (not that he needed the help)
Scarlet WitchHex bolt
ThorHammer Throw, Lightening Strike
Ms. MarvelEmbiggen, Shrink, Big Hands,
Captain MarvelCosmic Flight, Photonic Blast,
Iron ManRepulsor Blast
Spider-ManSwinging Web Kick, Enhanced Spider-Sense


Do you agree with my list? Let us know in the comments section how you’re finding Galaxy’s Most Wanted, or head to the I Rebel discord for more Marvel Champions discussion.

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