Marvel Champions Rankings, Issue #1: Hero Obligations

There’s been a lot said about the Obligation cards in Marvel Champions. The biggest complaint of these cards is how ‘same-y’ they can feel. That’s a fair criticism as almost of all of them share the same option on the first half of the card: you have the option of flipping to alter-ego form, then if you do (or are already there) you can remove your obligation from the game by exhausting. It’s the second half of the card that offers a unique option. 


Wrestlers Who Should Have Won the Royal Rumble

After the hustle and bustle that is the holiday season, it’s nice to wind down and relax with ROYAL RUMBLE SEASON! The most exciting hour in wrestling where anything can happen and often does. During this time, I’m always drawn back to those old matches for the nostalgia of it all. One of the things that is most enjoyable about those matches are those wrestlers who were so close to winning that, even we, the audience, could taste it. For this list, I’ll be going mostly in chronological order. Now, join me as we take a look at wrestlers I wish had won the Royal Rumble, but didn’t.

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Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #1: Signature Allies

The signature ally in Marvel Champions is often a key component of the 15 card hero-kit. Every hero has one (with the exception of Hulk), but some are more essential than others. For this list, I’ll be considering the allies released up to Ant-Man, because that’s what I’ve had the chance to actually play. Also, this list is for fun, so have fun with it! Now, let’s take a look at the Signature Allies released so far and see who is the best of the best.