Asymmetric Warfare, Issue #5 – Revisiting the Star Wars LCG’s Echoes of the Force Cycle

Following the 4 month delay between the end of the Hoth cycle and the release of the Balance of the Force deluxe box, there was another 2 month gap before FFG finally started releasing the Echoes of the Force cycle. The 6 month delay between the end of a cycle and the beginning of the next one certainly impacted to popularity of the game. The cycle itself included very powerful cards and mechanics. Unfortunately, it also introduced in the opinion of many, including myself, the most broken combo that ever existed in the game as well as several cards that were so powerful they had to receive errata.


Marvel Movie Reflections, Issue #7: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Remember after the shaky ending to the X-Men trilogy, when it was announced that there would be a series of movies focused around individual characters in the X-Men Universe? They were going to start with Wolverine, then do Magneto, then maybe branch out to Gambit? Why on Earth didn't that happen? After all, the only thing they needed to do to ensure that this was a good idea was make sure the first "Origins" installment wasn't a total mess.


The Devil Inside: Why The Mara Should Return

At this point, there’s admittedly only a small handful of the big Classic Who villains left to bring back. Some fan favorites include Omega (A founder of Time Lord society and creator of time travel) and the Sea Devils (A cousin race of the Silurians). There is one in particular however that I desperately want above all others, one whom I believe is perfect for some delicious storytelling potential......


Marvel Movie Reflections, Issue #6: Spider-Man 3

I wrote previously about how the X-Men trilogy started good with “X-Men”, got awesome with “X2”, and then went off the rails with “Last Stand”. If only X-Men had served as a warning to other trilogies that would follow. Alas, the Spider-Man franchise looked at the burning dumpster fire of “Last Stand” and thought... “Yeah, let’s do that.”