Top 10 Franchises that should be included in Lorcana’s The First Chapter

Welcome back fellow Illumineers. Just like many of you, I have things I would love to see in Lorcana. There is so much Disney content to draw from, that it’s darn near impossible to put it all in the first set. But I’m sure it will just be a matter of time before we see things in the game from every Disney “Animated Canon" film, and much more. But what about the first set? What do you include in that? That’s such a hard question to answer. If it was me, I would make sure to include a wide and diverse number of includes. Which brings me to my article today. I wanted to make sure to include bits and pieces from the last century of Disney content, as well as not including every big hitter at once in this list. You got to spread yourself out. Before we dive in, however, this list is very subjective and is a bit tinted to what I like and my opinions. Also, this list will not name franchises that were featured in the D23 promo set because they are already confined. Without further ado, let’s dive in first with an honorable mention. Followed by this list in chronological order.

Market Watch

Lorcana eBay Watch, Issue #2: Week 3 (9/25/22-10/1/22)

Written by JGG - Ice Queen of Lorcana How Our eBay Watch Works:Each week we report on an item's high & low prices for that past week. We will only be tracking items sold that aren't graded and only that are sold with a listed price. No signed cards or packaged deals are included. This… Continue reading Lorcana eBay Watch, Issue #2: Week 3 (9/25/22-10/1/22)


Top Five Cards That Need To Be In “The First Chapter”

Since the public sneak peeks of Disney Lorcana just a few weeks ago, we have seen seven cards released already. Mickey Mouse, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Elsa, Stitch, and Robin Hood. These are all the baseline cards early fans of the game will look back on and say “Hey, I remember when all the info we had on the game was those cards.” Yet, there are going to be a ton more cards released in the first set next fall, and here are my top five cards that I want to see in the next set. They aren’t gonna be long explanations, but ones that suit the character well.