The State of KeyForge’s Organized Play

Keyforge has been out for eight months and Chain Bound events have been active for the last six months. There have been eight Vault Tours in the last four months and the first Store Championships, and Grand Championships will be starting soon. The Organized Play Pyramid is starting to be filled out, but support for Organized Play feels empty.


Spark of Hope Blue Villain Initial Card Thoughts

Written by Bill Yankosky (aka Yodaman) For a couple of years (basically until the game ended) I was part of a team that reviewed cards for the Star Wars LCG, so when JGG recently asked me if I would be willing to write some review articles giving my thoughts about Spark of Hope cards, I figured what the heck and agreed to do it.


Finding Balance – A Tale of One Local Destiny Community

While there have been a few GQs and other large events over the past few months, it is fair to say that Star Wars: Destiny is currently experiencing a lull in high-level competitive events, especially in the U.S.  However, just because there haven’t been many high-level competitive events lately doesn’t mean that Destiny isn’t being played.

ebay's Hot 25

eBay’s Hot 25 for Week Ending in 6/1/19

The following are the top 25 main set Star Wars: Destiny cards and the top 25 promo Star Wars: Destiny cards sold on eBay for the week of 5/26/19-6/1/19: Main Set Cards: Entourage – Convergence #152 -$42.95 w/$2.67 S&H Darth Vader – Across the Galaxy #1 -$41.00 w/$3.94 S&H Megablaster Troopers – Convergence #31 -$35.00… Continue reading eBay’s Hot 25 for Week Ending in 6/1/19