Welcome to I Rebel, Our Story

I Rebel is a unique, fun, and exciting brand all about Geek Culture.

We have a Star Wars podcast hosted by JediGeekGirl. It features a different guest each episode, bringing along with them their own insights and knowledge. In each episode they will tackle one piece of Star Wars, jumping back and forth between Legends and Canon.

We also have a website that is an extension of that podcast that focuses on Geek Culture at large. It features articles covering Star Wars, Star War: Destiny, Marvel, Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror, and much much more.

Our Story thus far:
The I Rebel podcast was founded on the principle of support, being unique and community, the following are the people who are apart of the I Rebel story.

Where you can find content from us:

Podcast Host:

Past Podcast Guests:
Adam from Capa Cup
Agent of Zion from Artificery
Andrew from Ready to Role
Andrew Rothermel from The Destiny Council
Andy Spiteri from Champions Cast, Omega Metroid Podcast & Virtual Theather
Ashten from Jackalmen Games
Austin from Pure Sabacc
BobbySapphire from The Hyperloops
Bowie from The Twin Suns Cup
Brandi from Michigan
Brenna from Artificery
Brian from Golden Dice
Brian from The Destiny Council
Bryan Young from Full of Sith
Chris from TopdeckTCG
Christopher from Twin Cities Destiny
Claus from YOUR Destiny
Corwin from Roll On
Daniel, the 2017 Star Wars: Destiny World Champion
Derick, Winner of the Extra Life Fundraiser
DHaus from The Jedi Trials
Eric, two time 2018 Regional Champion
ForeverFett from Arrow Brook Gaming
Hammie from Twitter
HonestlySarcastc from The Hyperloops
Jack from Golden Dice
Jacob Walsh from the Texas Galatic Open
Jason from Blast Points Podcast
Jay from Double Blank Gaming
Jesse from Bizzlecast
Jimmydehand from Sons of Mandalore
John from Starkiller Base
Jonathan from The Destiny Council
Joshua from Flip the Table TV
Kevin from Jackalmen Games
Kevin from Roll On
Kr0ozin from Sons of Mandalore
Lasci from  Artificery
Leighton from Three Man Meta
Luke from The Destiny Council
Manten from Arrow Brook Gaming
Marie-Claire from What the Force
Mat from Canto Bight Players Club
Matthew, contributor of I Rebel
Michael from The Twin Suns Cup
Mike, One of the Producers of Kublacon
Mike from The Jedi Trials
Monk from Monk’s Gaming Battlefield
Mr. Chip from Discard to Reroll
NJCuenca from The Hyperloops
Original from Arrow Brook Gaming
Parker from Parker Simpson Artwork
Pearl Yeti from Artificery
Poem from L8 Night Gaming
Ray from Jackalmen Games
Rebel Grey from Rebel Impact
Reflex, North American 2018 Champion
Sarah, Semifinalist of Euros 2018
Simon from Sith Holocron
Steve from Cascade Games
Sugi from Knights of Ren
The CCG Collector
Tommy from Golden Dice
Zach Bunn from Team Covenant

Website Writers:
Andrew Carson
Andrew Grandstaff

Bill Yankosky (aka Yodaman)

David Holland
Desmond Brophy
Freddie Hurley
Gilbert Nevils

Jack Broomell from Golden Dice Podcast
Jerry from Thundershot Games
Joey Z
Josh Bailey


Matthew Williams
Michael Spaulding
Mitchell Branly
Ray from Jackalmen Games
Roland Christy

Shane V.
Tyler Liston
Zack Neward

Current Contributors:
Az Johnston
Bill Yankosky (aka Yodaman)
Dael Jordon
David Holland
Gladwin J. Singh
Joey Z
John Gobeil
Josh Bailey
Kristen Canty-Coleman
Sarah Evans
The Bizzle

Former Contributors:
Andrew Carson
Andrew Grandstaff
Bowie Sessions
Hagen Kirk
Jack Broomell from Golden Dice Podcast
Kent Campos
Lynn Sessions
Matthew Williams
Michael Spaulding
Ray from Thundershot Games
Roland Christy

Friends of I Rebel:
Adolescence After Alderaan -Star Wars Legends Podcast
Arrow Brook Gaming -Star Wars: Destiny/Star Wars Content
Artificery -Star Wars: Destiny Content/Store
BizzleCast -Geek Culture Podcast
Blast Points -Star Wars Podcast
Discard to Reroll -Star Wars: Destiny Podcast
Echo Base -Star Wars: Destiny Content
Golden Dice -Star Wars: Destiny Content
Hall of Heroes -Marvel Champion Resource
Jackalmen Games  -Gaming Content
Jank It Up, Fuzzball -Star Wars: Destiny Podcast
Monk’s Gaming Battlefield -Star Wars: Destiny Content
Omega Metroid Podcast -Metroid Podcast
Parker Simpson Artwork -Star Wars Fan Artist
Ready to Role -X-Wing/Magic/RPG Content
Roll On -Star Wars: Destiny Podcast
Star Wars Splash Page -Star Wars Comics Podcast
TopDeckTCG -Star Wars: Destiny/Transformers Singles
What The Force? -Star Wars Podcast
YOUR Destiny -Star Wars: Destiny Content

Patrons Wall of Fame:
Aaron Harding
Adam Letourneau
Austin Crow
Banana Crapshoot
Bernetta Ferguson
Board Game Lawyer
Bobby Bullock
Brandon Huynh
Brian Piana
Chris Bachelder
Christopher Mena
Codey Paeth
Colin Bartoldus
Derek Bertram
Discard to Reroll
Golden Dice Podcast
Jackalmen Games
James Stewart
Jason Hartsock
Jeff Tyree
Jeffrey Shine
Jeremy Mueller
Jim Goss
Jim Spurrier
John Lynch
Jordan Korus
Josh Bailey
Joshua Levy
Julia Hartsock
Kent Campos
Kris Lantzy
Lee Price
Lester Ortiz-Miranda
Michael Berg
Michael Flores
Michael Spaulding
Monk’s Gaming Battlefield
Nathan Arcand
Neil Mitton
Nicolas Cuenca
Nick Charette
Paul M Ragard
Poem (Danny McKnight)
Rebel Grey
Robert Treadwell
Rohan Sadagopal
Ronaldo Bileski
Samuel Melancon
Sean MacDonald
Shawn Arthur
Stephen Lanza
Terrie Lee
The Artificery Crew
The Hyperloops
Tim Suddarth
Tyler Karlberg
Will Rubenstein