Welcome to I Rebel, Our Story

I Rebel is an unique, fun, and exciting podcast all about Star Wars: Destiny. It is hosted by JediGeekGirl and features a different guest each episode. This website is the extension of that podcast sharing the principles that the podcast was founded on.

Our Story thus far:
The I Rebel podcast was founded on the principle of support and community, the following are the people who are apart of the I Rebel story.

Where you can find content from us:

Podcast Host, Founder, and Producer:

Past Podcast Guests:
Andrew from Ready to Role
Rebel Grey from Rebel Impact
John from Starkiller Base
Jay from Double Blank Gaming
Leighton from Three Man Meta
DHaus from The Jedi Trials
Bowie from The Twin Suns Cup
Jonathan from The Destiny Council
Jesse from Bizzlecast
Sugi from Knights of Ren
Brenna from Artificery
Derick, Winner of the Extra Life Fundraiser
Mr Chip from Discard to Reroll
BobbySapphire from The Hyperloops
Mike, One of the Producers of Kublacon
Mike from The Jedi Trials
Brandi from Michigan
Agent of Zion from Artificery
Austin from Pure Sabacc
Jack from Golden Dice
Brian from The Destiny Council
Daniel, the 2017 Star Wars: Destiny World Champion
HonestlySarcastc from The Hyperloops
Eric, two time 2018 Regional Champion
Luke from The Destiny Council
Ashten from Jackalmen Games
Christopher from Twin Cities Destiny
NJCuenca from The Hyperloops
Matthew, contributor of I Rebel
Tommy from Golden Dice
Zach Bunn from Team Covenant
Ray from Jackalmen Games
Simon from Sith Holocron
Monk from Monk’s Gaming Battlefield
Michael from The Twin Suns Cup
Kevin from Jackalmen Games
Pearl Yeti from Artificery

Website Writers:
Andrew Carson
Freddie Hurley
Gilbert Nevils
Jack Broomell from Golden Dice Podcast
Jerry from Thundershot Games

Matthew Williams
Michael Spaulding
Mitchell Branly
Ray from Jackalmen Games
Roland Christy
Shane V.
Tyler Liston
Zack Neward

Andrew Carson
The Bizzle
Bowie Sessions
Dael Jordon
Kristen Canty-Coleman
Jack Broomell from Golden Dice Podcast
Matthew Williams
Michael Spaulding
Ray from Thundershot Games
Roland Christy
The Bizzle

Friends of I Rebel:
Arrow Brook Gaming
Discard to Reroll
Double Blank Gaming
Golden Dice
Jackalmen Games
Knights of Ren
Monk’s Gaming Battlefield
Ready to Role
Rebel Grey
Starkiller Base
The Destiny Council
The Jedi Trials
Three Man Meta
YOUR Destiny

Patrons Wall of Fame:
Aaron Harding
Adam Letourneau
Bernetta Ferguson
Chris Bachelder
Codey Paeth
Colin Bartoldus
Jackalmen Games
Jason Hartsock
Jim Spurrier
Jordan Korus
Joshua Levy
Kent Campos
Lee Price
Lester Ortiz-Miranda
Monk’s Gaming Battlefield
Nathan Arcand
Nicolas Cuenca
Rebel Grey
Robert Treadwell
Ronaldo Bileski
Terrie Lee
The Hyperloops

If you would like to support I Rebel, then please check out our Patreon page.