Star Wars: My puppy died, and I wasn’t ready for a new one until now.

For fifteen years I've had a love affair with Star Wars. For context, I began reading the adult Expanded Universe (now Legends) books in the third grade. The trilogy of my childhood was the prequels. At six years old, I knew there was a relationship between my Star Wars and what I later found out was actually the original Star Wars. At six years old though, the closest word to "parody" I knew was "spoof." I thought the original Star Wars was a spoof of the real Star Wars. Talk about a misconception! During my adolescent years and into my late teens, I felt like I grew up with Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo. I was dismayed that Ben Skywalker had so much potential but was lead astray. I was excessively invested in the EU emotionally. The movies were alright, and I respect them for the part they played in laying the foundation, but my heart was in those books. Then Disney happened