Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #7: Upcoming Marvel Champions Expansions (both announced & leaked)

Written by CaptainAmeriDave


I love it when new Marvel Champions articles drop. The electricity of a new hero, villain, or campaign dropping is electric. The new mechanics get the brain flowing about new ways to interact and overcome these challenges. How will this card interact with that card? What’s the ruling on that new keyword?

Normally, we would have about 3 or 4 expansions on the horizon. But a few months back a leaked list dropped outlining a year’s worth of future content. Most people, myself included, thought the list was probably fake. But month by month, the list has proven itself to be accurate. So, we decided to put together a top 10 list outlining what is most likely on the horizon for the foreseeable future of this fantastic game. This combines the Guardians of the Galaxy that have already been confirmed by FFG with an additional six expansions.

I offer this disclaimer: None of this has been confirmed by FFG, regardless of how accurate the list has been. So, the list could still be fake or even if the list is legit, FFG could move things around or cancel product. Lastly, a SPOILER WARNING will be in effect for the remainder of this list. If you’re someone who only likes to hear about new product as announced by FFG, you’ve been warned. With that being said, here’s the order of the next 10 expansions I’m most excited about.


This one is at the bottom of the list for me, mostly because of my unfamiliarity with the character. I imagine this is true for most of the people reading this. The Hood is a fairly recent supervillain to Marvel comics. He has the ability to walk on air, turn invisible, and usually sports twin pistols. He has some history with Doctor Strange and ties to the occult, so I think our fabulous designers could definitely come up with some cool mechanics. Like I said, I’m just familiar enough with the character to be really excited about it yet.


I’m generally more excited about the hero packs, so this one gets a bump for me, but Nebula has been a very reluctant hero (at least in the MCU), which makes me less excited to play as her. But, perhaps the designers will use her villainy to their advantage. We’ve already seen her as a villain in the game and a nemesis minion for Gamora. Could Gamora be her minion? If they use the technique idea that her villain employs, that could be a cool mechanic, too.


So, Gamora’s the first hero on this list that we have some info on already. We know that her signature ally is also her nemesis minion (Nebula), which is a pretty cool idea. The main reason she’s lower on the list is, I’m not excited about her mechanic. She can include up to 6 attack/thwart cards from non-chosen aspects. Also, when she plays an attack, she removes one thwart AND when she plays a thwart, she deals one damage. I think she’ll be really good due to her versatility, it’s just not a mechanic that screams theme to me.


Before you think I’m dunking on the Guardians, I’m actually really excited about Drax. I have high hopes for how he’ll play. I think the idea of a hero who essentially gets better by being attacked is really cool. BUT I get a very Thor/Hulk vibe from his cards. I’m glad he comes with Protection as that will help people learn how to use him. And I think he’ll be able to do some awesome attacks with his Vengeance Counters. But I do think he’ll be a nuanced and divisive hero.


I’m a big fan of Thor and the Asgardians from the comics, so revisiting that seems like a great idea. Also, she’s sure to come with more Asgard traited cards that will make Thor better. That’s a win. The only reason she’s this low is, I can’t think of what kind of mechanic they would use for her. Maybe a Leadership angle? Regardless, throw in her sword, Dragonfang, and her flying horse, Aragorn, and this is bound to be a good time.


The potential for this box is huge. There are 0 heroes and 6 Villains shown on the leaked cover (Corvus Glaive, Black Dwarf, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Supergiant, and Thanos). Based on that image, it may only include Villains/Scenarios. I think that’s cool, ‘cause it means the boxes could really be anything the designers want. The Infinity Gauntlet storyline is epic, so putting the entire focus on the campaign and villains seems like the best idea. This also allows for a possible two scenarios for the big bad, Thanos. The only thing that gives me pause about this box is how drastically more difficult it could be after the bump we got from Galaxy’s Most Wanted. Here’s hoping we get an Infinity Stone modular set, so we can give them to any villain we want!


Star-Lord’s mechanic is just cool. It really feels reckless, somewhat like Scarlet Witch’s. Taking facedown encounter cards to reduce the cost of a card by 3 is far too tempting and can be very dangerous. That’s going to be a lot of fun to play, even if it results in some big losses occasionally. Add to that, he gives the Guardian trait to all his allies and he’ll bump a lot of synergy as the leader of the team. I’m also excited to see which allies are included in his pack. AND, his off-aspect cards are said to give bonuses for using the aerial trait. This is going to be a great pack.


Venom is a powerhouse. This the Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) version of the character. He can use up to three restricted cards on the table. That’s thematic. He has cool guns. He can use his health as a resource. He’s gonna rock in the versatility department. And his nemesis minion looks particularly nasty, it’s his own symbiote!


I’m a little more excited for this after watching Wandavision, because I want to use these two as a team. Although, Scarlet Witch w/ the Vision ally is a really fun deck too. But, Vision has some awesome superpowers. Give me a cool mechanic that showcases his density control where he can become hard as diamond or intangible like Kitty Pryde and you’ve got a win. Sounds like a Protection hero waiting to happen. Let’s also give him some laser vision. Thank you!


Alright number one for me is Iron Man’s buddy, Rhodey. Now, I wouldn’t want him to play exactly like Iron Man. Rather than building the suit, give him a ton of crazy armor upgrades that do nasty amounts of damage across the board. He doesn’t need to be the most versatile hero. Maybe throw in an ammo mechanic where he uses up his missiles then has to dump them and find a new attachment. I just want to be able to have a turn, every once in a while, where I can mow down tons of enemies. That would rock.


That’s what I want to see in the upcoming expansions. Chances are your list looks a little different. So, which heroes/villains are you most excited about?

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