The Star Wars: Destiny Content Creator Corner, Issue #2: The Hyperloops

Written by Cecil Miller


If you have been around Star Wars: Destiny, even for a short time, you have heard of these guys. They are easily one of the most dominant teams in the Star Wars: Destiny world. They have created decks that have caused rules to be changes and cards to be erratted. I had the privilege to have an interview with them, they are……The Hyperloops.

Unstoppable Force, Meets Immovable Object

The first question that I like to ask is “how did this team come to be?” For HonestlySarcastc’s answer he said “…an unstoppable force met an immovable object and from that collision of power erupted a beautiful friendship.” This collision caused more than just a beautiful friendship, it built an incredible group of players across the nation. This explosion sent shockwaves through the Star Wars: Destiny Community and The Hyperloops were formed.

BobbySaphire loved writing about games. He was already doing podcasts on the Decipher Star Wars CCG; but he was looking for something new. He had a friend that had asked him to team up on this new Star Wars game. This had Bobby intrigued and after playing for a bit they started going to tournaments. It was at one of those tournaments that they pair became “The Triumvirate of Terror.” That third person was HonestlySarcastc. From there The Hyperloops community was built to over 350 people.

Both HonestlySarcastc and BobbySaphire said that it was NJCuenca and his article on the math of the dice that prompted them to really start doing the Content. It was always about the game, the content, and making each other better. The group is easily one of the Founding Pillars of this game.

If It Isn’t Broke, Try Harder

Time and effort go into fine tuning a deck. That and “Shower thoughts” is how HonestlySarcastc put it. BobbySaphire said that breaking combos isn’t easy but with Star Wars: Destiny, there were some control issues that made it easier. “All games can be broken, but some games make it easier to break because of the cards that are made.”

NJCuenca says it is more of an organic thing that causes the ability to break combinations. With HonestlySarcastc’s Drive By Shooting (eYoda/eEzra/Rookie) deck, he suffered fine tuning that deck for months before he finally had it to the point where he played it. This also came from the community as well. They had a legion of people that were sharing ideas and working together. But breaking this game isn’t something that they set out to do, it came to them naturally and through hard work. They put in the time, them and their family on Discord. This made the team better because there wasn’t one person “bigger” than the rest of them. It is easy to playtest but it is far more effective to have hundreds of people playtesting and working together on a deck or decks. This was another thing that The Hyperloops perfecte, besides all the decks they used.

Dedication and their support system is what HonestlySarcastic credits as the reason behind their success. For BobbySaphire it was teamwork, the whole discord team, not just the Triumvirate of Terror. For NJCuenca, talent was the biggest contributing factor. “We have some really smart guys on our team, and I think BobbySaphire & HonestlySarcastc have been really good at organizing the team efficiently.”

The Writing On The Wall

All three guys said that they could see the writing on the wall about the end of Star Wars: Destiny. The biggest hit that the group took because of the end of the game was the departure of BobbySaphire. He was ready for a new task and just needed “Star Wars: Destiny to end for me.” All three were very quick to get behind the A Renewed Hope Continuation Committee and they believe that the Continuation Committee will be able to take Star War: Destiny to the next horizon. They wanted to keep the friends they had become close to. “Games come and go, but it is the friends that we make along the way that I will cherish,” HonestlySarcastc said about the game ending.

And these guys were great at this game. The Hyperloops had won the North American Continental Championship 3 times, The US Grand Championship, an Australian National Championship, and have finished in the Top 4 of Worlds twice. This is a group that not only put the work into this game and their community; they also made that work pay off.

Final Thoughts

I could write multiple articles on this group. They were very open and have made such an impression on the Star Wars: Destiny game and community. These guys took the Star Wars: Destiny world by storm. They brought us The Hyperloops Play, The Millionaire Deck (Yoda/Cassian/Anakin2) , Drive by Shooting (eYoda/eEzra/Rookie), Yub Nub (Hoth/Chirpa/Ewok/Ewok/Ewok/Armored), and many many more. Please go and subscribe to their YouTube channel and check out both their website at and their Facebook page.

Until next time I Rebel Nation, May you always need what you roll and roll what you need!!

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