Exclusive Charitable Forces Draft Set Spoilers

Written by Cecil Miller

Sometimes we are given gifts and Aegis & Parker Simpson Artwork has done that for us. They have developed a new draft set-this is not affiliated with the A Renewed Hope Continuation Committee, and we have some cards to spoil.

The Cards

The first card we have is a Droid Character. They are a 6 cost with 6 health,, a decent midrange cost for building in a draft setting. This character also has Guardian, which can be very important. The Gonk droid has some basic sides, but the special is where it is at. Resolve one of your dice, increasing it by 1. So that 2 melee becomes 3 or that 1 resource becomes 2. I believe this will be an interesting card in any draft matches, for sure.

This 2 cost support is a shield supplier. You can gain shields for days and in a draft, sometimes that is necessary. Having the ability to soak up damage with the use of shields is an underestimated part of the game. To be able to have a 1 in 3 shot of getting 2 shields for a resource is good. I’d have like to see 1 of the two 2 shields to have been free but overall a nice card for draft.

This is another card where the special does all the talking. Anytime you can do damage and also do removal is great. That is two actions, only using a single turn. The other sides are good with the two 1 damage sides and the 2 for a resource. The other great thing about this card is it is a simple 1 cost upgrade. We have seen cards like this be 2 cost and then not see play. They hit a homer with one this being a one cost.

The Art

As we end up this look at the spoilers for the draft set, I just have to say the art on these cards is beautiful. For people that may not have seen Parker’s alt art cards, look at his website. He has a tremendous amount of talent and now he is using that in this fashion. We need to support all the people that are keeping this game going so go out and get this kit, play with it, and let me know in the comments what you think.

Until next time may you always roll what you need and need what you roll.

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