The Star Wars: Destiny Content Creator Corner, Issue #2: The Hyperloops

If you have been around Star Wars: Destiny, even for a short time, you have heard of these guys. They are easily one of the most dominant teams in the Star Wars: Destiny world. They have created decks that have caused rules to be changes and cards to be erratted. I had the privilege to have an interview with them, they are......The Hyperloops.

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The Star Wars: Destiny Content Creator Corner, Issue #1: Tiny Grimes

For those of you that has been around, you undoubtedly know the name Tiny Grimes. He is an accomplished player, or was, and he is The Godfather of Star Wars: Destiny Content Creators. I had a chance to have a bit of a conversation with him and am now going to write about it in this edition of the CCC.


A Strong Start for Star Wars: Destiny Continuing Committee

The Player Committee got started quickly and wanted to make sure that Destiny life went on as scheduled. With their sole purpose being on building the committee first, the leadership had to weigh making this an elite club, or allowing voices from all over. To their credit, they made an inclusive place for people to meet and give ideas for the upcoming project.