Top Five Cards That Need To Be In “The First Chapter”

Written by Teddy Wynard (@teddy_jpeg)

Since the public sneak peeks of Disney Lorcana just a few weeks ago, we have seen seven cards released already. Mickey Mouse, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Elsa, Stitch, and Robin Hood. These are all the baseline cards early fans of the game will look back on and say “Hey, I remember when all the info we had on the game was those cards.” Yet, there are going to be a ton more cards released in the first set next fall, and here are my top five cards that I want to see in the next set. They aren’t gonna be long explanations, but ones that suit the character well.

5. Pinocchio 

Oh, the little boy whose nose grew when he lied. Such a poor unfortunate aspect of your life, but I think the character as a whole could be great for Lorcana’s life. Any character that has that significant part of their story can be taken and made into a great card for this game. There could be an ability that correlates with his nose if X and Y happen in the game. He is also a very memorable character and I know many Pinocchio fans out there that will go head over heels for a card with his name on it. I think it’s a safe bet we will see him in the first set but if not in coming sets after that.

4. Cinderella

I think it is certain we will see all the Disney princesses brought to the game over time, but Cinderella is the one to rule them all. Whenever I think of a princess my mind goes straight to her. She is the princess little girls want to be for Halloween and whenever they dress up for things. She’s a name say and the best princess in my opinion. Heck, her Castle is even front and center at Disney World. Cinderella also has her whole story behind her as well which can make for some good moves and abilities in Lorcana.

3. Tinker Bell

Tink. The fairy we all know and love. See, the reason I chose Tinker Bell over Peter Pan in this list is twofold. One, she’s the sidekick card this game will need. I 100% see Tink being a support card, casting spells and helping her Illumineer to victory. Will we see Peter Pan somewhere down the line? Yes, absolutely. Especially with Captain Hook already released as a card. But for now, it’s Tinker Bell’s time to shine as the third spot on my list.

2. Minnie Mouse

Like Mickey who has been released already, Minnie has her own role in the Brave Little Tailor film. She is Mickey’s counterpart and would fit in as a card that could build a deck based on the two of those characters. Minnie Mouse is also again like so many mainstream Disney characters, she’s name say. Even if you hate Disney with a passion you know who Minnie Mouse is. (Which, I hope none of you reading this hate Disney, but if you do, come talk to me I’ll change your mind.) Anyways, Minnie Mouse, specifically the Brave Little Tailor version, should be in Lorcana’s first set.

1. Steamboat Willie

This is a very out-of-the-box sort of pick for my number one slot. There’s a reason though. Steamboat Willie was one of the first characters ever to be made by Walt Disney. Premiering in 1928, the film has been around for almost a century. Not many know the story behind the captain, but I think this is a great chance for Disney as a company to send us way back to the OG days and show fans where it all started. And hey, I would love a black and white card with this art style. Steamboat Willie may not be number one in alot of places, but he is number one on my list.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any comments or questions please leave them or feel free to reach out to me on Twitter! (It’s linked right there!) Have yourself a blessed and magical day and remember to return for more articles in the future!

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