World Championship Preparation: Boba Fett & Seventh Sister

Written By Matthew Williams
[Editor’s note: This article was written before Worlds even begun and due to Worlds, it never had the time to be put out. While the setting of this article may not be applicable, the information may be still be relevant towards future events still left to go in this format]

So the second World Championships for Star Wars: Destiny is upon us this week. The question on everyone’s mind is what deck will win. Since the latest Holocron Update, I feel the field has narrowed and leaves a few contenders at the top of the field. I won’t be making it to the event this year as I am an Advanced Placement Chemistry teacher and my students take their exam May 7th. However, if I were making the trip, I know the deck I would play: Boba Fett & Seventh Sister.

The choice for the deck would be simple enough for me. My favorite archetype is mill, but in a best of 1 situation, I want to give myself as many options for winning as possible. I find that eBoba/eSeventhSister gives you a lot of versatility. Which character gets targeted first is less important, as each character has their own strengths and can exist by themselves. Additionally, Vibrocutlass and Heirloom Lightsaber both have redeploy, which makes overwriting those high cost upgrades easy if a character is about to be shown the door.

Red is arguably the weakest color in the game right now, and it’s been that was since the Empire at War meta and the nerfs to FNkar(FN-2199/eUnkar/Trooper). Having access to Yellow and Blue leaves all of the best cards in play. This deck has numerous strategies for removal, creative upgrades, and a nice event list that gives you many options on each turn. And that’s in addition to having five dice on two characters from the start.

How it plays:
This deck is no longer a surprise play, having been around since early in the Legacies meta. Early on, most people would choose to run down Seventh Sister first, as Boba has mixed damage dice and Seventh has the extra droid die to roll out. Now I find most people target Boba first. As a player, it really doesn’t matter as there is only one health point difference. Boba’s special can be very sneaky, especially if you can get the Maul’s Saber die into the pool, but it’s not an autoloss if Boba goes away quickly.

Other Considerations
I think eAayla/eRey2 has the best matchup against this deck, and I’m sure there will be plenty of that deck in the field as well. You would do well to playtest against that deck heavily before making a final decision. Additionally, eYoda/eHondo isn’t going to do this deck any favors since it’s dice sides don’t give you any real targets for Boba’s ability. But mill, hero vehicles, eSabine/Yoda and eObi2/eMaz all have bad matchups overall as they are overly reliant on one character. eBoba/eSeventh can burst a lot of damage so taking out Sabine, Aayla, or Obi Wan quickly is not a huge issue.

There are a number of options to consider, as the meta is in a somewhat healthy, though stagnant, place. However, I don’t think any deck has a huge advantage over eBoba/eSeventh. The consistency that this deck has is fantastic and it’s a really fun deck to play. If you haven’t given it a shot, here’s the decklist I would consider building, if for no other reason than to playtest against it.

For anyone going to the World Championships, I wish you the best of luck and hope you have an amazing experience. May the odds be ever in your favor Force be with you!

Characters (30 points, 5 dice):
eBoba Fest – Deadly Mercenary
eSeventh Sister – Agile Inquisitor

B’Omarr Monestary – Teth

Upgrades (11 cards, 9 dice):
Ancient Lightsaber x2
Force Illusion x2
Heirloom Lightsaber x2
Maul’s Lightsaber
Shoto Lightsaber
Vibroknife x2

Events (19 cards):
Abandon All Hope
Bait and Switch x2
Boundless Ambition
Close Quarters Assault x2
Doubt x2
Feel Your Anger x2
Friends in Low Places
He Doesn’t Like You x2
Hidden Motive x2
Lightsaber Pull x2

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