Star Wars Books, Issue #1 – Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston


In Ahsoka, she journeys in an inner struggle about one of the biggest massacres in Jedi history called Order 66. The protocol called Order 66 was implemented via a chip implanted into Grand army clone troopers (soldiers of the Grand Republic) to in affect kill every Jedi “traitor” to the Galactic Republic. A code written by a race called Kaminoans foistered by Chancellor Palpatine aka “Dark Sidious”, who because of Order 66 became Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

Ahoska herself never made it to the rank “Jedi Knight”, she was a padawan, an understudy, or an apprentice by which Jedi masters liked to call it. Ahoska was well on her way to becoming one of the most predominant Jedi’s in the galaxy, but for a disillusioned former padawan and friend to Ahsoka who thought the Jedi order lost their way masterminded an attack on the Jedi temple in which Ahsoka was framed as the culprit of this dastardly attack. Ahsoka ran away from the Jedi order before she was convicted of that horrible tragedy, but she also has to wrestle with the fact that if she did not run, she would have succumb to the same fate as the rest of her force wielding fellow Jedi.

I really loved Ahsoka, the author really brought out who she really is. Ahsoka had a love of life for people and for every creature in the galaxy. Ahoska was a blend of action with a somber view of life, in a now galaxy filled with tyranny and despair, and how it affected everyone from the everyday farmer to a former padawan.

To some Star Wars fans the “action” might not have been what they are used to in a typical Star Wars novel, although there is plenty, but to me that’s not what this book was meant to be. I think E.K. Johnston wrote this for Ahsoka fans who want a more in-depth take about that spunky trigger happy padawan who at times shielded her feelings from not only her mentor Anakin, but herself. This book shows us the humility a “force user” has to now succumb to in a time when people like Ahsoka are being hunted all over the galaxy by a group called the The Inquisitors. Lead by The Empire, who’s leader was master of the Sith order. The Sith are an ancient monastic order (Opposites of the Jedi order) of force users who have a hell bent agenda to eliminate every Jedi, padawan or force user that does not adhere to their authoritarian philosophy in the galaxy.

In Ahsoka the author takes us into one of the loneliness parts in Ahsoka life, having to hide who she is and, taking up a new life and name “Ashla” just to survive in this new reality she has to live in. The story picks up on a planet called “Thabeska” where Ahsoka moves in with a family called the Fardis. They were a clan who were very powerful and were mostly involved with smuggling operations with “some” legitmate buisnesses. Ahsoka worked for the Fardis mostly as a “courier”, this is the place where Ahsoka would come to live in hiding after the imperial order took over power in the galaxy. The author takes us through an emotional roller coaster where Ahsoka has to blur the lines of keeping herself safe and in the shadows while also trying to resist her inner “peace keeper” to help save innocent people who in a time cannot really help themselves. The story revolves around a moon named Radda on the outer rim in which the denizens are local farmers who in their innocence are about to face hardships and struggles with freedom.

Ahsoka was a big thumbs up for me. I was captivated by the ying and yang mentality Ahsoka had to balance in order to survive. Ahsoka also could not isolate herself by the horrors of her surroundings in which people need heroes. They need a light to look upon, in a galaxy full of dark times and dark realities. The author took us through interludes of Ahsoka’s past with Anakin, Master Yoda, and her old clone squad, while also showing Ahsoka’s interrelationships with everyday people who never met a force user but had an innocence which by definition a Jedi would always defend. This is “Ahsoka – A Star Wars story”.

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