The Star Wars Lorecast Catalog

The following is a series of episodes that JediGeekGirl and The Bizzle did together of The BizzleCast that become The Star Wars Lorecast. This is a joint project between them and this page is devoted to presenting that library in one simple easy to find place, enjoy. 🙂

SW LoreCast Ep. 5: Why Scum and Villainy in SW Comics is so great & tons of Doctor Aphra talk!
After we start with about 15 minutes of giddy excitement about cast announcements for EPISODE IX and J.J. Abrams’s brilliant forethought to shoot extra Leia for THE FORCE AWAKENS that we will now see repurposed for the final chapter, we immediately dive head first into Star Wars comics in the Disney “canon” era. We of course spend most of our time on Vader series one and two and especially the magnificent, electric, stereotype-busting, lovably roguish Doctor Aphra and her incredibly unique and downright hilarious relationship with the Dark Lord as well as her own (mis)adventures. The Bizzle read over 3,000 pages of Star Wars comics over the past few weeks (no lie) in preparation for the first of what promises to be an entire mini-series of discussion about what have mostly been good to really good to occasionally excellent comics by Marvel in the Star Wars universe (see: “The Screaming Citadel” with Luke, Aphra, Han, Leia and company).

***Comics talk starts at 17 minutes!

SW LoreCast Ep. 4: REVENGE OF THE SITH Film Commentary
With the extremely exciting announcement that The Clone Wars is returning, there’s no better time to go back to REVENGE OF THE SITH, the movie that TCW leads directly up to and informs it to a magnificent degree.

SW LoreCast Ep. 3: The legacy and memory of the Prequels: Not all is fair in love and war
Take a drive with us on the memory highway of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. While the discussion is framed around JediGeekGirl’s own topsy turvy experience of loving them but for a long time being shamed for that love, we also delve into the bigger picture issue of the true division(s) among “fans”: Inclusive vs exclusionary, dialogical vs argumentative, and of course love vs hate. This a deep and sometimes intense conversation, but we couldn’t think of a more perfect topic to (officially) launch the Star Wars LoreCast. (And many thanks to BizzleCast senior contributor BrittGirl (@britt_snippets) for the AMAZING LoreCast artwork!)

SW LoreCast Ep. 2: Ahsoka, Maul, The Siege of Mandalore & the Star Wars Rabbit Hole ft. JediGeekGirl
Ahsoka, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi…. The combination of an epic final season of STAR WARS REBELS full of surprises and a massive, jaw-dropping reveal at the end of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY brings these three fan favorite characters back into play for future appearances in a way we never could have foreseen. This is one of the nerdiest, most-canon heavy BizzleCast episodes of all time, making it off course one of the greatest. Come jump down the rabbit hole with us and dare to dream about your biggest and best Star Wars fantasies.

SW LoreCast Ep. 1: JediGeekGirl’s ROGUE ONE rebirth: A cinematic journey
BizzleCast Senior Contributor JediGeekGirl has always liked ROGUE ONE, but in her most recent viewing she was highly affected and touched and moved like never before. This podcast was definitively her idea (yes it’s true) despite my own love of this film, and I yield the floor for 90 minutes so she can talk about why she loves and appreciates this movie more than ever before and has become one of her favorite OF ALL TIME. We also get to discuss a lot of the characters other than Jyn and Cassian that makes this movie so special.

BizzleCast 151: THE PHANTOM MENACE Film Commentary feat. JediGeekGirl
I’m sorry people, but this goofy movie is FUN. I am no great defender of the prequels but REVENGE OF THE SITH is not too low on my list and THE PHANTOM MENACE actually is aging extremely well after all these years of crappy, colorless movies. Yes, baby Anakin can be a chore, but Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Maul, and a super-empowered Padme/Amidala is irresistible in this inspired if occasionally misguided reboot effort from the guru himself, George Lucas. JediGeekGirl and I have an absolute blast — hope you can join us!

BizzleCast 147: JediGeekGirl on SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY and that HUGE REVEAL!
*No descript*

BizzleCast 139: A brand new STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS commentary ft. JediGeekGirl
The staggeringly successful STAR WARS EPISODE 7: THE FORCE AWAKENS just keeps getting better with age, hindsight, and many, many rewatches. JediGeekGirl joins The Bizzle to keep the good times rolling. As part of our journey to do full-length film commentaries for all the STAR WARS films we WILL finish what we started. Enjoy y’all.

BizzleCast 135: The Final Five episodes of STAR WARS REBELS full commentary with Jedi Geek Girl!
With tons of highs and very few lows, STAR WARS REBELS was the definition of Star Wars for the whole family that was surprisingly deep and almost always entertaining, with legendarily memorable characters both new and from THE CLONE WARS. It has further cemented the well-earned reputation of top quality output from LucasFilm and the brilliance of creator and all around genius Dave Filoni was on full display. In this podcast, Jedi Geek Girl and I do full-length, back-to-back commentaries on the final five episodes of STAR WARS REBELS, which include the groundbreaking time-space traveling in A WORLD BETWEEN WORLDS and an epic, heartbreaking, and adrenaline fueled finale.

BizzleCast 133: Donald Glover’s Lando taking the SOLO world by storm ft. JediGeekGirl
All we can say is, “Everything… you’ve heard about me…is true..” #SOLO

BizzleCast Film Commentary: THE LAST JEDI ft. Jedi Geek Girl
I’m not sure what else I can add, other than Jedi Geek Girl absolutely kills it on the commentary. What a movie, what a cast, what a universe. Enjoy, BizzleCasters.

BizzleCast 126: Ahsoka Tano, the Rebels finale, & the future of Star Wars feat. Jedi Geek Girl
*No descript*

BizzleCast 117: Jedi Geek Girl on the brilliant THE LAST JEDI & future canon
Jedi Geek Girl on the brilliant touches in THE LAST JEDI and the future of Star Wars canon

BizzleCast 109: The Emperor’s REAL plan and more juicy STAR WARS nuggets ft. JediGeekGirl!
THE LAST JEDI is going to be amazing, but the real excitement is Rian Johnson’s next trilogy, where the galaxy far away might come much closer than we ever imagined.