Staring Over the Horizon in Despair at the Pit of Carkoon – A Quick Look & Reflection at the Wild Horizon Leak

I have never felt as close to walking away from Star Wars: Destiny as I did last Saturday (January 2nd 2021). Not even when the game was officially cancelled. The stealth way that whomever currently has the controls of the FFG Organized play social media account released the news that there would no rearranged World Championships and nor would Wild Horizons be released in the Echoes of Destiny event kits. This deserved a proper website announcement, because the players, their customers, often across multiple games, deserve that. I completely understand the business reasons for it and I am sure most people do and we all should have had the courtesy extended to us that our patronage has merited. The pandemic is not something anyone could, in all honestly, have predicted and especially not how paralyzing it has been, especially to things such as organized play.