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The Top 10 Signature Allies Currently in Marvel Champions

The signature ally in Marvel Champions is often a key component of the 15 card hero-kit. Every hero has one (with the exception of Hulk), but some are more essential than others. For this list, I’ll be considering the allies released up to Ant-Man, because that’s what I’ve had the chance to actually play. Also, this list is for fun, so have fun with it! Now, let’s take a look at the Signature Allies released so far and see who is the best of the best.


#HydraRising, Issue #3 – Rankings: The Rise of Red Skull Scenarios

Since the previous article focused so much on the campaign experience, this one will be focused on playing the scenarios as standalone games. They will be ranked in terms of how likely I think I am to come back to them in the future as more and more scenarios are released. It's going to be based on a combination of mechanics, difficulty, and how different they are from the other released expansions.


Rankings – Miniboss Modulars Battle Royale

This Ranking article will be like a VS. article, except that we will compare multiple sets of cards against each other rather than just two like She-Hulk vs. Thor. We will look at the newly-released Kree Fanatic modular set in comparison to the other currently-released modular sets focused on a mini-boss enemy: The Doomsday Chair (MODOK), Legions of Hydra (Madame Hydra), A Mess of Things (Scorpion), Power Drain (Electro), and Running Interference (Tombstone). The rankings will go from most-difficult to least-difficult. Click here for our statistical breakdown of all modular sets.