Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #5: Tips For New(ish) Players

Marvel Champions is almost 2 years old, but as the interest in the Marvel franchise is still at an all time high, we can hopefully expect more and more players enjoying the game, particularly once lockdown restrictions ease up. To that end, here is a helpful guide for new players, but also one that might make more seasoned ones think on something a little differently. If you think we’ve missed anything, pop a comment down below! Don’t forget you can also join the I Rebel Discord for quick Q&A or discussion.


Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #4: Toughest Nemesis Sets

As I’ve written in previous articles, I really like the nuances of nemesis sets. I remember first playing the game out the core box and being disappointed at having to set aside some great villain names that might never see play. In fact, I’m pretty sure that for my lesser played heroes, their arch rivals have never seen the light of a playmat yet. That being said the nemesis sets can often wreak havoc particularly in solo games where their impacts are felt more.


Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #3: Things I’d Like To See In Marvel Champions

Its been almost 18 months since Marvel Champions was first released, and whilst the pace of the game’s expansion was rather relentless pre-COVID, there are still things I think it would be good to see once the world has stabilized. With the nature of a game being a co-op, there is a fantastic array of support from content creators that have been working on custom cards and unique scenario ideas to keep things fresh. From an official FFG perspective though, here are the 10 things I’d love to see happen within the game over the next 12-18 months.


Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #2: Toughest Minions

Ah minions… I often find the quickest way to lose control of a game in Marvel Champions is an overwhelming force of minions diverting your attention from the main objective – taking down the villain. This might be the sheer number of minions or the strength of one or two in particular. We’ve all been there haven’t we - when a tenth Ultron drone is placed down in front of you, or another ‘gobliny’ creature rises from the encounter deck having only been defeated a couple of rounds ago, they all suck. Period.

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Marvel Champions Top 10, Issue #1: Signature Allies

The signature ally in Marvel Champions is often a key component of the 15 card hero-kit. Every hero has one (with the exception of Hulk), but some are more essential than others. For this list, I’ll be considering the allies released up to Ant-Man, because that’s what I’ve had the chance to actually play. Also, this list is for fun, so have fun with it! Now, let’s take a look at the Signature Allies released so far and see who is the best of the best.