Don’t Cross The Streams? – A Look at Design in Marvel Champions, Issue #1: Aggression

Deck construction games can be pretty daunting. Marvel Champions, avoids this through the simplicity that is "pair a hero with one of the 4 aspects." These aspects are all deeply tied to the goals of the game: "Aggression" deals damage, "Protection" prevents damage, "Justice" focuses on stopping the villains from completing their dastardly schemes (you dastards!), and "Leadership" focuses on using your allies to do all of the above. Because these aspects are so rooted in the goals of the game, the cards within them tend to be of a similar design. However, making games is hard and balance in design, whether intentional of not, can easily be disrupted. Here, in part one of a four part series. I'll be looking at aspect cards that cross the streams, blurring the lines between their own aspect and another. Are these cards necessary to make the game interesting, or do they break the game by doing too much? Let's find out.