Star Wars: Destiny Las Vegas Open Top 16 Card Data – Comparing Diversity and Top 10 Lists

A Star Wars: Destiny Grand Championship was held Jan. 24-26, 2020 at the Las Vegas Open. Nick Nelson (aka The Gandork) shared a file with the decklists for everyone who played in the event.  Following the approach we took with other major events over the past several months, this article will just focus on the decks for players who made the Top 16 at LVO in order to compare similar amounts of data.

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Star Wars: Destiny European Continental Championship Card Data – Comparing Diversity vs. US Grands and Top 10 Lists

Over 160 players took part in the 2019 European Continental Championships in August. Our friends at YOUR Destiny were kind enough to publish decklists for the Top 16. In this article we will again focus solely on cards in decks (namely downgrades, upgrades, supports and events) and not the characters, battlefields and plots which were used, just like we did for Gen Con.


Star Wars: Destiny USA Continental Card Data – A Simple Attempt at Measuring Diversity and Top 10 Lists

The first truly major Star Wars: Destiny tournament of the Spark of Hope meta recently took place at Gen Con. Now that the decklists have been published in various places by various content creators, we can take a look at which cards showed up in the 22 decks that were played in the Top Cut and leave it up to readers to determine whether or not the meta was diverse.