Marvel Movie Reflections, Issue #6: Spider-Man 3

I wrote previously about how the X-Men trilogy started good with “X-Men”, got awesome with “X2”, and then went off the rails with “Last Stand”. If only X-Men had served as a warning to other trilogies that would follow. Alas, the Spider-Man franchise looked at the burning dumpster fire of “Last Stand” and thought... “Yeah, let’s do that.”

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The Star Wars: Destiny Content Creator Corner, Issue 1: Tiny Grimes

For those of you that has been around, you undoubtedly know the name Tiny Grimes. He is an accomplished player, or was, and he is The Godfather of Star Wars: Destiny Content Creators. I had a chance to have a bit of a conversation with him and am now going to write about it in this edition of the CCC.


Asymmetric Warfare, Issue #4 – Revisiting the Star Wars LCG’s Balance of the Force Deluxe Box

The Hoth Cycle completed and it was about 4 months before the next release for the game. That release, Balance of the Force, introduced multiplayer modes for the game as well as two challenge decks. I have to admit 2 vs. 2 play and the challenge decks, were something I only tried once each. So unfortunately, I can’t offer much insight or reflection about them other than to say that neither multiplayer mode seemed to see a lot of play. FFG did hold an official world championship for 2 vs.2 play, but the games tended to be much longer and didn’t really catch on.