Standard Format Abilities Guide

Card Affiliation Color Cost
Bartering Neutral Rogue 1
Counterstroke Hero Force 2
Crime Lord Villain Rogue 4
Force Fear Villain Force 2
Force Focus Neutral Force 2
Force Jump Neutral Force 1
Force Lift Neutral Force 3
Force Meditation Hero Force 2
Force Pull Neutral Force 2
Force Rend Villain Force 3
Force Stasis Villain Force 2
Force Storm Villain Force 4
Force Wave Neutral Force 3
Formidable Villain Rogue 2
Hunter Instinct Villain Rogue 2
Inner Strength Hero Force 2
Lore Hunter Hero Force 1
Malice Villain Force 1
Moxie Hero Rogue 2
Overkill Hero Command 2
Praetorian Guard Villain Command 2
Roguish Charm Hero Rogue 2
Shatterpoint Neutral Force 2
Sith Teachings Villain Force 2
Skilled Tracker Villain Rogue 1
Soresu Mastery Neutral Force 3
Soresu Training Neutral Force 2
Stealthy Hero Rogue 2
There Is No Try Hero Force 2
Underhanded Tactics Villain Rogue 1
Unscrupulous Neutral Rogue 1
Way of the Force Neutral Force 3
Weapon Master Neutral Command 0


Abilities by cost, color, and affiliation
0 cost abilities: 2 cost abilities: 3 cost abilities: Legend:
Red: Blue: Blue: No mark = Neutral
Neutral: Neutral: Neutral: * = Villain
Weapon Master Force Focus Force Lift ** = Hero
Force Pull Force Wave
Shatterpoint Soresu Mastery
1 cost abilities: Soresu Training Way of the Force
Neutral: Villain: Villain:
Force Jump Force Fear Force Rend
Lore Hunter Force Stasis
Sith Teachings
Villain: 4 cost abilities:
Malice Hero: Blue:
Counterstroke Villain:
Hero: Force Meditation Force Storm
Lore Hunter Inner Strength
There is No Try Yellow:
Yellow: Villain:
Neutral: Red: Crime Lord
Bartering Villain:
Unscrupulous Praetorian Guard
Villain: Yellow:
Skilled Tracker Villain:
Underhanded Tactics Formidable
Hunter Instinct
Roguish Charm