Disney+ MCU Reflections Issue #33: “Hawkeye” Episode 1

Much like a certain arrow shooting Avenger, I have returned after a brief hiatus just in time for the holidays. You may have thought that it was too early for Christmas movies when Hallmark kicked off their lineup of holiday films earlier this month (does the Hallmark channel exist outside of the months of November… Continue reading Disney+ MCU Reflections Issue #33: “Hawkeye” Episode 1


Disney+ MCU Reflections Issue #32: “What If…” Episode 9

It's the conclusion of the first two-parter in "What If..." and boy is it a doozy. This episode is a culmination of everything we have seen this season. Infinite Ultron presents a threat to the entire multiverse, but he's not the only one. When we left off last week, the Watcher decided to break his oath. Now we pick up with the consequences of that decision.


Disney+ MCU Reflections, Issue #31: “What If…” Episode 8

Watcher. Comics fans will remember Uatu, a member of the race of Watchers, immortal beings of great power whose duty is to observe events, but never intervenes. In this episode, however, The Watcher not only observes events but finds himself participating when Ultron threatens the existence of every universe. The Watcher becomes a character rather than simply a narrator, and must decide whether or not to violate his Prime Directive.


Disney+ MCU Reflections, Issue #30: “What If…” Episode 7

"What If..." has not shied away from the darkest alternate possibilities in the MCU. We have watched Killmonger murder both T'Challa and Tony Stark. We witnessed Stephen Strange bring about the end of an entire universe. Even in the mostly lighthearted episode about T'Challa becoming Star Lord, it implied that Ego would end up victorious in that reality. But this week we took a little break from all of that negativity to ask: "What if Thor was a frat bro?"


Disney+ MCU Reflections, Issue #29: “What If…” Episode 6

usually mean is that a lot of MCU villains are poorly developed, flat, and not very sympathetic. Malekith is probably the most egregious example, but you could include Kaecilius or Whiplash. But sometimes the MCU absolutely nails a villain. That is definitely the case in Black Panther. Killmonger is deeply troubled and carries a traumatized past. His plan was terrifying, but sympathetic too. So it only makes sense that they would bring one of the MCU's most fascinating villains back for a trip through the multiverse.