Marvel Movie Reflections, Issue #6: Spider-Man 3

I wrote previously about how the X-Men trilogy started good with “X-Men”, got awesome with “X2”, and then went off the rails with “Last Stand”. If only X-Men had served as a warning to other trilogies that would follow. Alas, the Spider-Man franchise looked at the burning dumpster fire of “Last Stand” and thought... “Yeah, let’s do that.”


Marvel Movie Reflections, Issue #3: X-Men 3: The Last Stand

I'm a pretty forgiving moviegoer. Your dialogue is poorly written? That's okay. Plotholes? No problem. Time travel paradoxes? Whatever. I would rather enjoy a movie, so I give the writers, directors, and actors lots of leeway. I was even more forgiving when I was younger - I'm older now, more mature, and have higher expectations - but I vividly remember walking out of the theater having just seen "X-Men: The Last Man" as a high schooler thinking: "Was that movie... bad?"