Arkham Horror LCG in the time of COVID-19

IT WAS INEVITABLE: The lockdown...the restricted movement... the never ending days of wearing face mask...the delays in shipments... and yet... a lot more game time for Arkham Horror LCG...like what??? Reflecting on my AH:LCG journey so far, I would say that I have played way more AH:LCG than I ever have before the pandemic. Mostly,… Continue reading Arkham Horror LCG in the time of COVID-19


Arkham Horror LCG – Cluefall: A Trish Scarborough Write Up

With the introduction of Trish Scarborough in The Innsmouth Conspiracy (TIC) deluxe expansion, I believe many of us in the AH:LCG community were already deck-building and coming up with various ways to play her character. With an intellect and evade of 4, she truly made investigating fun. With a wide array of player cards in TIC that really utilizes Trish's abilities and skills, she was THE investigator to play in TIC campaign. Heck, I might just play her character for my other campaigns too. Just maybe not Carcosa for the time being. Yeppp... too many will tests in that campaign. In this article, I plan to share my experiences with using Trish in TIC. I want to discuss her strengths and weaknesses along with cards that synergises well with her abilities.


So uhhh, How’s the State of Your Chaos Tokens?

I love this game, and besides discussing about game strategies, thematics and narratives, I believe that game components are just as important as well. I mean, taking care of your game components is also another aspect of loving the game...right? So, in this piece, I will share about the coin capsules I use for my chaos tokens along with some additional suggestions. Hyperlinks are included so that you can easily assess some of the sites that sell these components. All of which will help to prolong the lifespan of your game components and amplify your gaming experience of Arkham Horror: The Card Game.