What I’m Doing While I Wait For Lorcana

Written by Teddy Wynard (@teddy_jpeg) (@LorcanaCorps)

As sad as it is, we aren’t going to be able to play and collect Disney Lorcana for nearly a year. We have to twiddle our thumbs and find other things to keep us busy while we wait for the game we earn to play and get out hands on. I’ve been doing a lot of things lately to keep myself busy and I’m here to talk about them and I hope you can find enjoyment in them as much as I do!

Marvel Snap

This is the newest collectible card game to hit the playing field. You get to team up all sorts of Marvel characters and battle for ultimate victory. The key is, it’s all online. I’ve enjoyed playing this game so much. I get to play it basically anywhere I want whether that be my home, car, classroom, or any other place you can imagine. Plus, I’m a huge Marvel fan so the combination of being able to play a collectible card game from my phone, laptop or PC and it be a Marvel game is something I can’t get away from right now.

Other TCGs

I’ve really been diving into what other TCGs have brought to the table over the past 20 plus years that they have been around. Whether that be gameplay mechanics or which cards are most valuable I’ve been taking small mental notes. I’ve also started to collect a few cards here and there that I think look cool and will go well in my trading card game collection. I’ve taken the announcement and future release of Lorcana as a stepping-off and restart point into my TCG life and this has been the best way to do it.

Learning More About Disney

The biggest and probably one of the most important things I’ve been doing is diving more into the IP of Disney and what it is made of and what it has to offer. Such as going back and watching the very original Disney shorts and films and seeing what characters are in those because it looks like we’re going to get a lot of those guys and gals in the game. I’ve also been doing a lot of Disney quizzes online to sharpen my skills on knowledge for in-person events and such.

These are my top three things I’ve been doing while we all wait for Lorcana! I hope you all enjoyed and can do try and do some of these things to pass the time! Have a blessed and magical day!

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