Lorcana Release Schedule Potentially Revealed

Just a quick article here.

A question we have all had on our minds since the announcement of Lorcana is when will it be released?

When announced, the developers gave the completely ambiguous answer of Fall 2023.

Now we potentially have an answer!

At the Lucca Comics and Games convention happening this weekend, Ravensbuger employee Ricardo Fabiani participated in what was billed as a press release.

This interview was conducted in Italian and we owe our knowledge to Lorcana HQ user Valerio, who speaks Italian and attended the convention, for giving us this info.

In the interview, the interviewer asked when we could expect to see the game.

Ricardo responded by saying that it would be released at special events in August of 2023 and subsequently made available to the general public in September or October of 2023.

GenCon seems like a likely candidate as it takes place in August, but we won’t know for certain until the time draws nearer.

You had better believe that I plan on booking a ticket to Indianapolis next year though!

You can watch the video yourself here.

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