Movies To Watch Before Lorcana Drops

Written by Teddy Wynard (@teddy_jpeg) (@LorcanaCorps)

Heading into the fall of 2022 and beyond, I’m making myself a list of Disney movies to watch to fully divulge myself into the Lorcana story and lore. I have a few thoughts on what should be watched first and thought I’d share!

Disney Princesses

I guess this is more of a batch of movies. The Disney princess movies are all staples in the Disney fandom, I mean, most of them have castles in the parks around the world. They have this aura around them that creates the magical feel Disney is going for. Now, when I’m talking about the princess movies I don’t mean the new live-action ones, I’m talking about going back to the ones released in the 90s. The OG ones. The ones developed and released as some of the first Disney full-length picture films. They are the ones that have the rich history and lore (ironic I know) behind them that bring the true magic of Disney to life.

The OG Days

If we take one of the cards released already. Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor. He comes from the film: Brave Little Tailor. This is the next batch of movies we as Lorcana hopefuls should go watch. I guarantee with Disney focusing on their own IP we are going to see a lot of the characters from the very first short films and cartoons that were created by Walt himself. If you go onto Disney plus there is a specific section for just those. Just get some tissues because for some reason they’re quite sad.


Now yes, I know. Disney isn’t going to go into Pixar for a while with Lorcana, but I still think it’s a good idea to take a quick glance over these movies. Series like Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc., and the likes of those. They are staple Disney movies that could really come around at any time in the game. There are also the newer movies like Luca or Lightyear that could show up at some point during Lorcana’s release timeline as well. They all have the fun and light-hearted energy Disney always tries to put out and I think they could all be a good watch.

As Cards Get Released

This one should be very self-explanatory. We have seen seven cards released and many have gone back and watched those films to get a quick refresher on them. This goes the same for all new cards that are released. Say we get a Cinderella card, then go watch that movie. If we get cards for the seven Dwarfs, go watch Snow White (I’m personally hoping for this). As time goes on we will get more cards and therefore more movies to watch.

I hope you all enjoyed this! I’m super excited to get on a binge session of all of these and dive even deeper into Disney! See ya around and have a blessed and magical day!

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