Market Watch

Lorcana eBay Watch, Issue #1: Introduction & First Report

Written by JGG – Ice Queen of Lorcana


Welcome friends new and old, it has been a while since I’ve done any content creation. I’ve been addicted to Magic the Gathering and have not had the time to devote to content. That is until a brand new game was announced that caught my interest. That game being….

I am hooked to find out what is next for this game and I am looking forward to it, the community, and our part in it. Speaking of which, before I share some of that with you, please allow me to tell you a little bit more about myself and about this series. But not too much about myself though, I’ll save the rest of that for a full article.

A little bit about me & this series

I have done a lot in content creation from running a podcast to writing articles, but one of the most passionate things I have enjoyed doing was data collection and reporting. My first exploration of this was with The Chance Cube, launching and running “The Chance Cube Price Watch” for about the first year of its life. That continued under I Rebel with our “eBey Hot 25” series. I know there are others who have their eyes on the market of Lorcana, including Youtube user Lorcana which you should feel free to check out. We are not here with the intention to do the same thing as anyone else is, but to do what we like to do in our own way. We hope you will join us on this journey and our other future projects and articles by other writers.

What to expect from our Lorcana eBay Watch series

This series of articles, in its introductory form, will consist of weekly article updates on sales of Lorcana items on eBay. To give you a snapshot, if you will, of the marketplace. Items featured in it will be limited until we get more items to follow in 2023. We will report on an item’s high & low prices for that past week. We will only be tracking items sold that aren’t graded and only that are sold with a listed price. That being said however, we will report on graded cards that are sold. No signed cards or packaged deals are included. We also will be adding things to this series and how it is done as more items and outlets get added. While we would like to share all of those things with you right now, you can expect these things later when they happen. I can’t wait for the future. Until then, here is the first issue of our Lorcana eBay Watch Series.

Lorcana eBay Watch for Week 1 (9/9/22-9/17/22) & Week 2 (9/18/22-9/24/22)

Week 1 (9/9/22-9/17/22):

Item NameLowHigh
D23 Promo Set of 6 cards$404.90$3,500.00
D23 Promo: Micky Mouse – Brave Little Tailor$106.00$755
D23 Mickey pin$26.05$144.75
D23 Purple Media Pin$66.80$150
D23 Red Ravensburger Pin$134.99$134.99

Week 2 (9/18/22-9/24/22):

Item NameLowHigh
D23 Promo Set of 6 cards$1,250.00$3,049.98
D23 Promo: Elsa – Snow Queen$459.99$459.99
D23 Promo: Hook – Forceful Duelist$415.00$415.00
D23 Promo: Stitch – Rock Star$408.00$524.99
D23 Promo: Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon$404.99$459.99
D23 Promo: Micky Mouse – Brave Little Tailor$139.80$1,005.40
D23 Purple Media Pin$34.70$128.94
D23 Red Ravensburger Pin$78.00$78.00
D23 Mickey pin$33.80$50.00
D23 Lorcana Shirt$232.50$232.50
D23 Promo Set of 6 cards BOOKLET ONLY$200.00$350.00

Differences Between Weeks 1 and 2:

Item NameLowHigh
D23 Promo Set of 6 cards+$845.10-$450.02
D23 Promo: Elsa – Snow QueenN/AN/A
D23 Promo: Hook – Forceful DuelistN/AN/A
D23 Promo: Stitch – Rock StarN/AN/A
D23 Promo: Maleficent – Monstrous DragonN/AN/A
D23 Promo: Micky Mouse – Brave Little Tailor+$33.80+$250.40
D23 Mickey pin+$7.75-$94.75
D23 Purple Media Pin-$32.10-$21.06
D23 Red Ravensburger Pin-$56.99-$56.99
D23 Lorcana ShirtN/AN/A
D23 Promo Set of 6 cards BOOKLET ONLYN/AN/A


Thank you so much for checking this article out. This series will be an ever-evolving endeavor. We hope you will join us for it, and to please send us any feedback and/or thoughts in the comics below. Till next week fellow Illumineers, may all of your dreams come true.

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