The Fractured Timeline of the Innsmouth Conspiracy, Issue 3.2: A Light in the Fog

If you watched ‘The Office (US),’ you would have come across a scene of Stanley’s interview about wanting to live in a decommissioned lighthouse, which could launch him into space. Taking space out of the equation, I guess Stanley really wanted his alone time and the lighthouse would be the perfect place, in which, nobody could ever bother him. This makes the idea of visiting or living in a lighthouse blissful, away from the troubles of the world and all. Pfft… not in Arkham Horror universe. After a fast and furious drive on the Innsmouth Road, our brave investigators finally arrive at the Falcon Point Lighthouse. Seemingly calm and innocent looking, but underneath it all, many secrets and horrors await. Before I continue, this is your spoiler shield!

Poor Stella.

In the sixth scenario of The Innsmouth Conspiracy, the investigators must now unravel the conspiracy and all roads lead to the lighthouse. Throughout the campaign, investigators were given teaser into a character who lives in the lighthouse: Oceiros Marsh. I have to admit that I was really excited to finally get to this scenario because I can finally encounter this character and see how he fits into the conspiracy too. At first glance, I assumed that the locations in the game would be for each level of the lighthouse, but it’s not. Instead, we travel deep underground, back into watery caves again. Yes… you will be using the ‘Tidal Caves Encounter Cards’ a lot throughout this campaign.

It’s important to remember that this campaign has the Flashback mechanism which sort of acts as a side quest. I really love it and almost every scenario presents an opportunity to recover these flashbacks. In this scenario, there are 2. However, it is extremely hard to get both of them and the thought of recovering it could also result in the loss of the scenario.

This scenario also features many locations and a lot of deep ones that will slow you down. Not to mention, Baby deep ones. This scenario really makes you question the legitimacy of killing younglings. #AnakinFlashbacks. If you don’t kill it, it attacks you. If you kill it, you trigger nearby deep ones to come after you. Obviously this design was meant to slow down your movement as you traverse underground beneath the lighthouse. Throughout my many tries in this scenario, I often evaded and avoided the youngling. However, if there were no enemies, then I would just kill it off.

As you progress, the location changes and you will no longer be able to go back up to the lighthouse. You are trapped underground and need to find another way out before you drown or get overrun by deep ones. Certain locations hold keys but the toughest part is finding these locations with your very limited actions. So far, I’ve mostly survived playing dual handed solo. This scenario is extremely brutal for true solo. To add on, Oceiros Marsh is definitely not easy to eliminate. Moreover, if he makes an attack, you are automatically ‘captured,’ and you have to move your investigator to a holding cell, which is another location that comes into play if you get ‘captured.’

So as we established, movement is crucial. Every action counts. If you were able to obtain the relics from the Devil Reef scenario, you will be able to use it here again. At least one of the relic assisted me with movement and it helped a lot. Movement is extremely important as well because the locations will flood up really fast. Moreover, you are likely going to see many enemies spawning throughout the scenario, especially if you don’t plan on killing them. Hence, you always need to move.

The unique difference of this scenario in comparison with other scenarios is that the doom carries forward in the next agenda. Even if you were able to complete an act before the agenda advances, the rules will get you to ignore the back side of the agenda and move to the next agenda. I thought this mechanism was clever and really evoked the sense of dread and rush. It also increases the variance of every play, since you won’t get to read the back side of the card unless something happens. I mean, every game will feel sort of different for A Light in The Fog.

In my latest run with Lily and Rex, we were really close to losing. If you notice, the bottom locations have flood tokens. When the agenda advances, you are supposed to increase the flood level of all bottom locations. In my play through, all locations were partially flooded, and the agenda advanced, which made all locations fully flooded. If the agenda advances again and I cannot increase the flood level, that marks the end of the scenario.

My advice for playing this scenario would be to do it with at least two characters, for a higher probability of success. As this scenario forces you to look for certain locations and obtaining keys, having two characters explore different locations will speed up the process and rule out. Not only that, you will also need to unflood certain locations as well, in order to access the room’s ability and possibly escape.

To end, I feel like I enjoyed the other scenarios more than I did for this one. As you can tell from reading this, I have not said much in comparison with the previous articles. I still liked it. It’s just that I remember the other scenarios more than A Light in the Fog. That being said, you might like it way more than I did. I would say that this scenario, out of the previous 5, was one of the hardest. Though I’m inclined to say that ‘Horror in High Gear’ is the hardest. However, it’s probably easier to play Horror in High Gear true solo in comparison with A Light in The Fog. The only time I managed to pull off a successful true solo run through of A Light in The Fog was with Silas Marsh.

Till the next time!

Barely making it to the final location to escape. Up next… The Lair of Dagon.

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