The Fractured Timeline of The Innsmouth Conspiracy Issue 3.1: Horror in High Gear

If you were looking for a a 1920’s version of ‘The Fast and the Furious,’ look no further as FFG takes you into a high speed chase in:

The Fast and The Furious: Horror in High Gear,’


Elina Harper: The One who knew too much

1920’s Pulp Investigators

Worshippers of Dagon

Hybrids a.k.a Fish People?

Produced by: FFG

Directed by: M.J Newman

Right after another vehicle driven event in Devil Reef, our investigators yet again find themselves commandeering another vehicle in a high speed chase from the town of Innsmouth all the way to Falcon Point. This scenario was tensed with many uncertainties as we travelled from road to road, hoping to find the right path and not take the long way around which usually doesn’t end well for investigators.

As always, this is my spoiler alert, in case you haven’t played the scenario already.

Just like Devil Reef, investigators will be traveling from location to location via a vehicle. As the roads are foggy and old, investigators need to collect clues to ‘reveal’ their path, making sure that they are always on the right track. This scenario combines the vehicle mechanics along with the scenario setup from ‘The Essex County Express‘ from The Dunwich Legacy campaign, in that, as you move to a new location, the previous location cards will slowly be removed from the game, forcing you to keep moving forward, and that is exactly what you need to do. Keep moving forward until you reach Falcon Point.

However, with enemy vehicles constantly behind you and various treachery cards that will slow down your vehicle movement, this surely is a tough scenario to beat, even though the only objective is to reach Falcon Point.

Just like the scenario setup for The Essex County Express (The Dunwich Legacy), locations are set in a horizontal order, though certain location cards will be placed vertically as well to represent diverged roads.

Generally speaking, it is extremely vital to gain clues as it helps in revealing locations and also preventing you from taking damages/horror, as you will be asked to spend clues as a cost to enter a new location. Playing two handed solo with Trish and Sista Mary proved to be quite the challenge as I had to gain twice as many clues, with most of the investigations done by Trish. Sister Mary mostly had my back if enemies were to chase up on us, but even with her arsenal of blessed weapons, most of the enemies are quite hard to eliminate as they have more hit and attack points.

Most of the enemies in this scenario are designed to slow you down as they are harder to eliminate, since they have more hit and attack points. At most, I found myself only defeating the Assassin.

Having played this scenario more than once now, I can confidently say that gaining as many clues as you can will ensure a safer path to Falcon Point. You get to rule out any Long Way Around roads which will delay your movement significantly. As far as enemy management goes, you’re not exactly encouraged to deal with them. Rather, evade and move away as soon as you can. However, the scenario mechanics works in such a way that you are constantly moving to a new location, as long as you are in a moving vehicle. So, it is quite unlikely for you to deal with any enemies for half of the game, unless you enter the Long Way Around right from the get go.

When I played this scenario true solo with Trish, I did not attack any enemy. At most, evaded the Hybrid Assassin which can travel up to two locations. I’ve even tried true solo with survivors like Stella and Silas too and still made it to Falcon Point. The key is to focus your effort on securing as many clues as possible and always be two locations horizontally away from any enemy. Any player cards that can be used to gain clues should definitely be used a lot more in this scenario. Better yet, using ‘Fast’ event cards for gaining clues.

Yea… Stella may have driven in the wrong direction. Haha.

Though movement is crucial, and you might be inclined to purchase cards which will assist in free movements and all, take note that this scenario is dictated by the vehicle mechanic movement, as long as you are in a vehicle. Therefore, cards like ‘Shortcut,’ and skill cards like ‘Nimble ,’ will not work. At least, I don’t think it will, if you are in a vehicle. But wait… you might say ‘why don’t I just exit the vehicle and move to another location at my own pace?’ Unfortunately, it will always cost you 2 actions to move to another location and you could take twice as many damage if you were attacked. Also, it wouldn’t be thematic to have your investigator walked the old Innsmouth Road all the way to Falcon Point lol.

Anyway, this is my second scenario out of all the campaigns I have played so far that introduces a vehicle mechanic for investigators to control. I can tell you that it is a nail-biting scenario for sure. I mean, it’s pretty much a chase. It’s extremely stressful to play this scenario but I always look back and reminisce on the tense atmospheric car chase feel that this scenario brings to the table. It is very unique and it’s obviously the first car chase scenario in AH:LCG. To end, this scenario is where every movement matters. Ain’t no way I’m reversing the car. Let alone, getting out of it.

In my next issue, I venture into Falcon Point Lighthouse. If you have made it this far, thank you for reading my write-up. 🙂

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