High Stakes Spoilers, Issue #4: Everyone’s Favorite Droid Pair & Force Stuff

Written by DarkAngelAz, with Introduction & Conclusion by JGG


Welcome back everyone to our penultimate article covering High Stakes spoilers. Az, please take us away…..

Next up we have a batch of Blue Neutral cards, all based around melee damage and lightsabers. An integral part of what draws many people to Star Wars and players to Star Wars: Destiny, is wanting to recreate those epic duels seen on screen between Vader and Obi-Wan, Yoda and Dooku, Anakin and the Young…..

One of the challenges that design faces when working on new forms i,s the baseline is so so high with Niman Mastery, that presenting a viable alternative without taking the power level to new heights is hard. Really hard. Jar’kai from Redemption does it very well by offering a completely different direction. Makashi Mastery will struggle to find the its own niche, but the special is very good. Being able to resolve any die showing damage is dice removal Wu-Tang style*. It offers a lot of flexibility and is very definitely something to be played around by one’s opponent. If not they risk taking a six damage swing to the face.

At 3 I feel the cost might be a little too high to play from hand consistently, but the on play ability is solid and will work well when overwritten. Overall this a nice addition to the pool of forms and will go up the depth chart if and when Niman rotates out of standard. 

Given Makashi training was printed way back in the Awakenings block who knows if we will see a new version of it in this set to complement this card. 

*Reference to the Wu-Tang Clan. It either makes sense or it doesn’t. 

A move designed to work with Makashi Mastery. A very nice little card that allows you to roll back in a character or Upgrade die that was removed during your opponents last turn. Interestingly it doesn’t require your opponent to have removed the die, only that it was removed. So its entirely possible some complicated shenanigans especially in infinite, but probably not to any great benefit. 

What makes the card playable is the ability to immediately resolve the rolled back in die to prevent further mitigation if you have a Makashi Mastery attached. 

I really like this plot for one point. I don’t think it is a card to build a deck around, but if your character line up is 29 points and includes blue, this feels a nice bolt-on. The one shot effect of a re-roll and then potentially resolving it for 2 more damage if showing melee could be a good boost. Its probably too unreliable to design around, especially as the plot gets aside whether you resolve or not but its worth playing if you have a spare point. 

Next up for some more droid love with everyone’s favorite Galactic Odd Couple. 

This Red version of Artoo is not as deadly as his Blue version, but feels playable at one cost, with a nice special which lets you choose which of his die sides to resolve. No blanks means you are always going to get something from Artoo every round, even if it is not always what you want. That too feels thematic. 

The omage to Fateful Companions in this version of Threepio is a nice touch, but beyond that this Gray version of him does pretty much what you would expect, some dice fixing and no damage potential directly. He only costs one however, and therefore should see some play in a deck with Artoo as a character. 

This Red neutral event has a lot of things to like about it. Being free is always good but the ability to resolve three of your dice in one action is a very big tempo increase. Yes there is the constraint that they must be different sides, but it allows for mixed damage bursts and you can resolve a focus and then one of the dice focused so long as overall you only resolve three Red dice showing different sides. I am sure there will be a number of rules questions as to how it interacts with Advanced Training and Cara Dune

This card should see a good amount of play in majority Red decks. 


That will do it for this issue of High Stakes Spoilers. Stay tuned for our next and final issue this Thursday.

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