High Stakes Spoilers, Issue #2: A Droid, a Moff, and a Ugnaught Walk Into a Cantina…..

Written by DarkAngelAz, with Introduction & Conclusion by JGG


Welcome back to another issue of High Stakes Spoilers. We apologize for being behind, but without further ado, let’s dive into these 6 spoilers….

Spoilers from Echo Base

Without question IG-11 must be one of the most interesting characters ever created for Star Wars: Destiny. His base line of 10 health for 10/13 with 3 moderate damage sides isn’t anything special, but he does have Bounty Hunter and Droid, which opens up some good options. However his passive ability of being able to be reprogrammed and fit with Hero teams if they include an engineer will have deck builders across the galaxy looking to take advantage of this. Given all Standard legal Hero engineers are Yellow, it does limit the quality of builds available, and that is probably a good thing. Someone like Rose would break wide open the deck building options as it would be possible to go three wide rainbow with four dice. Which is just asking for someone to break it. 

So it is good for now that the only combinations that allow rainbow Hero and Villain are with weak characters. I very much look forward to seeing the ingenuity of builds both now and in the future that IG-11 will inspire. 

I really quite like this event as a way to push damage onto a beleaguered opponent. Any damage from hand is good as it can’t be countered easily. If played out of any kind of Doctor Aphra build where the supply of targets is plentiful then this card could do good work. It may also be a good finisher for support decks by for example discarding a Viper Probe Droid to win the game. 

I have included Kuiil here as his primary use will I feel be in facilitating IG-11 cross faction or recharging Whistling Birds for Din Djarin. As a support character he has good health for his cost (9 for 8/10) and more importantly, two focus and two resource sides. His Power Action to add or remove tokens from supports or upgrades feels like it could be exceptionally useful in the right deck. It will almost always have a use as Merchant Freighters are not going anywhere for a while. 

Spoilers from On The Sensors

We come to the most interesting character revealed so far in my opinion. Is Gideon the kind of character that can redefine the meta and slow it down sufficiently to allow support and control decks a place?

First of all it has a great piece of art donated by Pistachios and these contributions are always appreciated. 

So onto Gideon himself. His stats are solid with 12 health, Leader, and three 2 value sides for 13/16 as well as a chunky Detect 2. That Detect 2 is critical to his ability to play detected weapons or vehicles for free after activation. The dealing indirect damage is interesting as it puts a fair cost on his ability, but the true value is in being able to either overwrite the upgrades so they don’t go back to hand after being played or finding a way to sacrifice vehicles on the turn they are played (which there are, but they not sure Desperate Measures would be an optimal play). 

I think that he will probably fit very nicely in with Garindan to take advantage of the card draw and even more detect. 

His two resource side in a mono Red build with Director Krennic2 and Director feels like it can make a lot of money while potentially limiting the incoming aggro. 

This brings us nicely on to Danger Close, which can play vehicles and artillery from your discard pile. Meaning less need to hold onto them early when you need ramp and mitigation. A solid event for support builds. 

There is a lot to like about this upgrade. While I don’t feel it has the same power of the Hero equivalent from Redemption, Veteran of War, I do think it has a lot of play options for Red Villain. Two focus sides means the potential to make money or maximize damage in a support deck is good. The on-play ability is very strong and could potentially generate three resources for example. 


That will do it for this issue of High Stake Spoilers. Thank you for reading this article and stay tuned tomorrow for Issue 3. May the Force be with you.

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