Marvel Champions – My Dream Team

Written by Herohodgson

The 1992 U.S Men’s Basketball team, the 2010 Barcelona side, my school football team that won the inter-house tournament 4 years running. These are some of the greatest line ups the world has ever known. However, in Marvel Champions right now what is the best possible line up you can run? When Ultron attacks for 5 with a boost of three or Kang has pulled another Macrobot out his deck, who can you count on to see you through?

Many content creators have posted their rankings and power lists of the individual characters, but what is the best 4 player team you can run now? Especially as its one character for one aspect. Now this was actually harder than you think to come up with, as the reality is all of my hero choices could have gone into any of the aspects. So getting the balance right was tough and it was the fine margins that decided who should sit in which aspect. Now I imagine everyone will have different ideas on this but all I can hope for is that when reading through this you at least appreciate my reasoning if you don’t agree with my choices!

So here we go with my dream team lineup!

Leadership – Captain America

Who better to lead the team than the Captain himself?

I’m well aware that some people find Cap a bit dull compared to other heroes and their play styles. There are plenty of other heroes out there that work well with Leadership, but my thinking was that we needed them for our other aspects. The reality is that Leadership is probably the strongest aspect of all four right now, which makes it workable with pretty much every hero in the game. If we assume that in this dream team the Leadership tactic is the classic ‘Ally flood’ with Avengers Assemble, then Cap is certainly the man for the job. His alter ego action is just too good to pass up for our Leadership player. Being able to trigger that, then flip to Hero mode and trigger something else like Team Building Exercises for another Avenger makes building a board super easy and cheap. This then allows us to go for the usual shenanigans of Avengers Assemble plays, Rapid Responsing allies like Mariah Hill or Nick Fury back out, and of course readying Goliath multiple times for 10-15 damage. We also get the chance to boost Cap’s own stats with Avengers Assemble and Moxie for his own double play with his “I can do this all day” ability. Add in Cap’s own suite of brilliant cards like Shield Toss and Heroic Strike and our Leadership player has all the prerequisites to be able dominate the board and support the rest of the team.

Honorable mentionsDoctor Strange, for his insane card draw and his ability to give out tough status cards to your allies, however I’m sure you can imagine he appears elsewhere on this list. The reality is you can build a great Leadership deck with pretty much any hero right now.

Aggression – Quicksilver

Throw a punch, ready up, kick the bad guy, ready up, slap the minion, ready up…

This was a tough one. There are so many good Aggression characters out there, and Quicksilver has a great shout at being our Protection or Justice hero too. However, once you play Quicksilver in this aspect, you’ll soon realize how insane his turns can be. Dealing 20-25 damage per round becomes a real possibility once you’re beefed up with Reinforced Sinew and Friction Resistance. Then it becomes a question of do you discard your Adrenaline rush one at a time or save them up for an insane turn of 3 or 4 activations with a 5 or 6 ATK value. Adding Jarnbjorn to the mix can be an insane combo with Friction Resistance as well, and that’s before you’ve even used any of the classic Aggression events like Drop Kick and Uppercut. The way in which Quicksilver works with multiple activations also helps deal with any stunned statuses that can hugely hamper an Aggression character like Thor or Hulk. All of this means that our Aggression player can easily wipe a board clean of any pesky minions as well as sink huge hits into the main villain… if someone can remove that ‘retaliate 1’ villain upgrade though that would be helpful!

Honorable mentions – Thor, because I really think his ability to deal big swathes of damage with his own card suite is pretty good in this game, but his board state takes quite a long time to get set up and swinging. Ms. Marvel as well for her big event combos that can work well, even if you have to be constantly flipping to alter ego to get the most out of her other cards. Scarlet Witch can plough through enemies with her Hex bolts and Molecular decay, but she needs her Crest down to get the consistency. The other mention for me would be Ant-Man, as he can be a lot of fun with the right build. There are good reasons to move Quicksilver to Protection to accommodate one of these, but my reasoning is below for that debate. I just don’t think his replacement can do the same amount of damage as regularly.

Justice – Doctor Strange

Bonus points for making the hand gestures before casting spells from the invocation deck

Well, I had to put him somewhere didn’t I. I really like Strange with Protection, as I think in that aspect you can keep his health up enough to never need to flip. It also puts the game’s best hero in arguably the weakest aspect to help compensate. However, when you play Protection like that it stops the multiple defends that the rest of your team are wanting to get out of you in the villain phase. I know that my honorable mentions below do a better job of naturally thwarting the scheme down, but Strange can do things differently and still have the same effect. His insane card draw makes the big play events like Crisis Averted and For Justice constantly cycle through to your hand, it also makes the expensive allies like Spider-Man and Daredevil a bit more playable. From his own suite of cards, the two copies of Astral Projection are an insane event and Images of Ikonn and Vapors of Valtorr can keep a villain confused, which helps your other heroes flip to Alter Ego to heal up without impacting the main scheme too much. The reality is, Strange is similar to Captain America, in the sense that he works well with whatever you want to do with him. So for my dream team, he’s in charge of confusing and threat removal.

Honorable mentionsBlack widow, I was really really really close to putting her here and moving Strange to Protection. It came down to not wanting to put the Sorcerer there for the reasons I’ve mentioned, about how I want that aspect played which then meant moving her out. I also think her 9 health leaves her exposed to flipping to Alter Ego a bit too much, which means that any gains on the main scheme are soon wiped out. Its for that reason why I’ve left out Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, as to get to the latter’s card draw you need be in Carol Danvers mode a lot more. Scarlet Witch is another fantastic Justice character, but the acceleration tokens she racks up on the main scheme aren’t helping her. Ever played her against Klaw who races through his own deck? You’ll end up with 5 or 6 acceleration tokens on the main scheme before too long.

Protection – Spider-Man

I’ll defend that attack, draw a card with Spider-Sense, take no damage, trigger Unflappable, draw another card…

Our final slot on the team and the choice comes down to how you want to play protection. In my mind, in a four-player game, the Protection player should aim to defend at least twice a round in the villain phase if not three times. This frees up the other three players to stay in Hero mode longer and avoid the main scheme going up too much. When we think about it that way, that rules out shoe-horning Doctor Strange into this role. Quicksilver is a good shout here, as is Captain America, but Spider-Man is fantastic in this role. The other two can still perform their roles elsewhere in our team. His Spider-Sense ability is brilliant at constantly being able to get an extra card into your hand, plus the 3 defense value is really good before we even beef it up with some upgrades and defensive interruption events. The other reason (or 2 reasons) I think Spider-Man is the choice here, is down to his Backflip event, which blocks all damage– so even his own card suite is fantastic for defending. By the time you get him suited up with Unflappable and Indomitable, he’s ready to block, ready up, draw some cards and block again… exactly what you need from your Protection player.

Honorable mentions – Captain America is a fantastic Protection player with his built in retaliate, but I just prefer him in the Leadership role for my team. Black Widow again has a unique way of playing within the villain phase, and can be a lot of fun with those defensive interrupts alongside her own preparation cards. Both Hulk and She-Hulk can play protection pretty well too, given their large HP numbers. However, their hand size limits your ability to play in both the Villain and Hero phase. Ms. Marvel can be fun here too, with her ability to bring those defensive events back to her hand. Again, for her though, it’s the fact that you regularly need to be in Alter Ego mode, which hampers her ability to regularly support the other players defensively. You can also do some nice things with Black Panther‘s built in retaliate, alongside Electrostatic Armor and Energy Barrier.

Do you agree with my list? What would your dream team look like?

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