Storage ‘Suggestions’ For Arkham Horror The Card Game

Written by Gladwin J. Singh


Before I proceed, please know that what’s shared in this article are purely my Suggestion‘s only. In no way am I indicating that my storage solutions are the best.

After sleeving all my cards from the core box and storing all tokens in containers, it was nice to know that everything fitted just nicely in the core box itself. This was back in late 2018 when I first bought the game.

Fast forward to 2020, I was able to purchase all the Carcosa mythos pack and that’s when I realized, I needed a bigger box. Sure, I could…

A. Make my own one, (lazy)
B. Salvage whatever card box I had at home (didn’t have the right ones)
C. Buy custom made boxes (too expensive and too fancy for me…haha)
D. Buy cheap boxes from the DIY/Hardware shops (Mostly did that for tokens only)
E. Consider buying the Return To box for Carcosa and Night of the Zealot (That’s what I did)

So in the meantime, most of my cards were sleeved and placed in zip lock bags for the time being. I did my research once again and decided that because I really enjoyed the Carcosa cycle, buying the Return To box would increase the replay value of the game whilst providing a storage space for all my cards. By April 2020, I was a proud owner of the complete Carcosa cycle, including the Return to The Path To Carcosa.

In this article, I will break down my storage suggestions into three parts:

  1. Box Storage, specifically ‘Return to’ boxes
  2. Folders/Binders
  3. Personal deck box for travels

Storage for Scenario/Encounter/Investigator/Act/Agenda/Weaknesses Cards

While the Return To box looks great, artwork aside, the width of the box was slightly bigger and there was a lot of excess space for the cards, which will result in a lot of shaking. I didn’t like that part, so I used a piece of cardboard to cover the space, and now, everything fits well, with minimal shake.

Okay! Great! I found a place to store MOST of my cards, specifically scenario, encounter, and weakness cards. The box didn’t carry much space for player cards, and so most of that went into the core box. While that seemed like I had finally solved the storage problem, it wasn’t always fun to keep cards in zip lock bags. Then, I was fortunate to purchase the Return to the Night of the Zealot box at a reasonable price, and I began arranging again. For a good couple of months, I had my entire Arkham stash in two Return To boxes. Anytime I wanted to play, I just had to take out the two boxes and set up the table. I still had trouble with deck-building as I had to take out all cards and organize them on the table for selection. The campaign guides, on the other hand, were kept in the core box. I couldn’t bring myself to throwing that box away.

All was well for a while until I got my copy of the three starter decks: Jacqueline, Stella, and Winifred; Murder at the Excelsior Hotel, and The Innsmouth Conspiracy. Now the 2 boxes can no longer hold all cards. In a way, it forced me to consider an option I had thought about for some time: FOLDERS/BINDERS.

Storage for Player Cards

Thinking about folders reminds me a lot about my Pokemon TCG days, where I’d only be storing the rare cards in the folder. Since there are no ‘rare’ cards in Arkham Horror, I never gave it much thought, until more recently. Organizing cards for deck-building is always a hassle, and so I figured by removing all player cards, my box would have enough space for more scenario and encounter cards. That’s what I did. It was probably the cheapest storage solution for my player cards to have them neatly arranged in folders.

Budget for folders and card holders:
6 folder = $4 USD
40 Pocket card holders = $9 USD

More importantly, with all cards arranged like a gallery in the folder, it was slightly easier to organise the deck-building part. I had extra holders so I would place it in between the different card levels, just for added space, so that I don’t have to keep moving the cards in to new pockets. So far, this storage has been more efficient for me, at least. I would suggest the folders for player cards ONLY.

Unfortunately, now that I use two different ways to store my cards, I can no longer contain every card into boxes, which I thought would help with ease of mobility in bringing the game around for game nights. I guess I could still make do with the folders and boxes, probably kept in a tote bag that I can bring to game night. But, who am I kidding? In the midst of the pandemic, there’s no way I would get to meet anyone. Furthermore, I play this game one-handed more than with anyone, so the likelihood of me bringing my Arkham Horror collection for game night is very minimal. Though it got me thinking…

Personal Storage for Travels

What if I go on a break? What if I need to spend a night at my grandmother’s place and there’s not much to do? Arkham Horror for the win! But, I can’t bring everything with me. In the past, I’d pack my entire core box and bring it everywhere I go. I had to squeeze it in the bag, but it fitted. Still, it wasn’t as practical if I had a smaller bag. When I played the Pokemon TCG, I’d always bring two deck boxes with me: one for my competition deck, and one more for spare cards. Maybe I could do the same for Arkham Horror.

Upon further examining, my old deck boxes were broken, and so I had to start from scratch again. I wanted one box that could fit at least one investigator deck, some scenarios, and the tokens. After watching tons of reviews on deck boxes, the one that I went for was the Gamegenic Stronghold 200+. While it was a little pricey, I was captivated by the reviews, especially from Tolarian Community College (Minute 14.50 onwards). It was spacious, durable, and does not take up much table space. Instantly I knew this was going to be my go-to deck box for travels or just bringing around for game nights. Moreover, the detachable flaps make for a nice cardholder for my investigator. I can put tokens on it too. However, for go to Arkham Horror, I tend to use dice as alternatives, and they work just fine.

As of today, I’ve been using it not only for storing Arkham Horror cards but other various party card games too. Though, I do have this glimmer of hope, that one day I could go to a local Arkham Invocation Night with my Arkham Horror cards stored in my Stronghold. Well, when we all return to a sense of normalcy at least.

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