Marvel Movie Reflections, Issue 18: Deadpool 2

Written by David Holland

The first “Deadpool” had a small budget (by superhero movie standards) and wasn’t expected to succeed by some, who questioned whether there was a place for an R-rated comic book movie. Then, in true Hollywood studio fashion, once it became clear that the first film would surpass anyone’s expectations, a second installment was greenlit with nearly double the budget. And when you’re a comic book movie with that kind of money, you can bet Thanos is going to be there.

Deadpool 2: Who is Cable? | Den of Geek
Just less purple. And also shorter.

What Worked?

“Deadpool 2” expands what I guess you could call the Deadpool Cinematic Universe. Cable comes along, as does Domino and the rest of a very short-lived X-Force. The first film told us Deadpool’s origin story, but all Wade was really looking for in that installment was a cure. This movie actually goes deeper. It looks at Wade’s purpose and even dips its toes into Wade’s obsession with Death. You could interpret his conversations with Vanessa in limbo as the closest thing we get to a symbol for the comics version of Death herself, the woman Wade wants but can’t have.

….but with less bones showing….

If you were hoping for an honest-to-goodness X-Force, you will be disappointed, but I do think Domino is one of the most interesting additions to the movie. Zazie Beetz is clearly having a blast in the role, and the cinematic interpretation of “luck” as a superpower is hilarious. Josh Brolin nails Cable’s serious gruffness, the perfect foil to Deadpool’s ridiculous antics. And in the spirit of giving comic book characters a chance at redemption after their first movie portrayal was disappointing, we even get a Juggernaut fight worth of Cain Marko himself, but with an ending that is pure Deadpool.

What Didn’t?

I will repeat my point from the “Deadpool” recap: Seeing a comic book character with a juvenile sense of humor make obscure pop culture references while murdering large quantities of people isn’t for everyone. This movie, like its predecessor, doesn’t try to be all things to all people. That being said, it is also a bit more serious than the first installment, and that might actually upset a different set of fans altogether, who just want to watch all the juvenile humor, murdery stuff.

Because of the film’s focus on Wade’s discovery of family and the face-turn that Cable does from villain to ally, there’s not really a clear “bad guy” to follow throughout the whole movie. The people who murdered Vanessa are sort of the bad guys of Act One, Cable is the primary antagonist of Act Two, and then a mix of Russell and the Headmaster fill that role in Act Three. This confusion may bother you if you prefer a clear “hero/villain” dichotomy, but if so then this is not the movie for you.

Best Deadpool Comics To Revisit After the Movies - Comic Years
Not pictured: a hero

Final Verdict:

This movie tries to be more than its first installment, and that might not be for you. I enjoyed it enough to Google “Deadpool 3” just to see if anything is in the works.

(It is, by the way, but they just got writers nailed down so it might be a while.)

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