The Star Wars: Destiny Content Creator Corner, Issue #3: Aegis Creative Company

Written by Cecil Miller

The Introduction

Here is an interview that I did with Aegis. We discussed everything that has to do with their release of Charitable Forces. I hope you enjoy this edition of The Star Wars: Destiny Content Creator Corner!!

The Interview

What caused you to get involved with Parker Simpson Artwork on this project?

This is a funny story. I’m not sure, but I’m going to have to look through my Facebook chat history. I do believe this all started with “can you do spot gloss?”. I don’t recall if I even started with hello. Lol. Parker Simpson’s artwork for some reason gravitated towards me. So one day I mustered up the courage to say hey do you want to work on a draft set, and I’d like to use your art. I thought he was going to turn me down and tell me I was nuts. But little did I know that I developed a great relationship with an artist that is helping out the community.

Is this the biggest project that you have undertaken?

Absolutely! And I don’t want to get any bigger than this. I will leave the creation of actual Destiny sets to much bigger and greater minds. The objective from the get-go was to keep this project strictly for draft as it was perfect for my company to build the set in a bundle.

Did you have any previous interest in Star Wars: Destiny before this project? Did/do you play?

I started around Legacies. When I got my first introduction to Yoda and how broken he was. I’ve been playing ever since then, but I find myself now creating content for other people and I’m really really enjoying that.

Whose idea was Charitable Forces?

The idea to build a draft set was mine. The name of the set is credited to the card team, Josh, Richard, and Mark.

What other kind of things do you make besides Charitable Forces?

At AEGIS, we can build anything. Not just for Star Wars: Destiny, we have our hand in Transformers, Marvel Champions, and the Arkham Horror LCG. Once we are done with this event, I plan on getting ready for the A Renewed Hope second set that I heard is coming out Q1 of 2021.

How big of a crew do you have working with you to supply these?

I’m supported by a great team of five members. The art is handled by the great and honorable Parker Simpson. The card team consists of three members, the great and honorable Josh, Mark, and Richard.

With the Continuing Committee, do you plan on launching a product for those dice?

I am hoping to establish a manufacturing relationship with the Continuing Committee. But at the moment, they are focused on just building cards and my invitation always stands. At this current time, we will support the Continuing Committees efforts and produce products when they release it.

What types of hurdles have you had to maneuver around doing these products?

We believe in doing research and development before we put something into production. The only hurdle I’ve had to deal with is with poor Bertha breaking on me, but I have so many pieces of equipment that, I have the ability to compensate and create better items or products with one piece missing.

I’ve seen your cards in the video from Dice Commandos, they are really sweet looking. How long did it take you to perfect the process? How long does it take you to make them?

I can never say I will reach perfection. But it’s always a process improvement on top of a process improvement. I definitely feel like I don’t have the process perfected, but it’s close enough. But just because something works, doesn’t always mean it can’t be improved. As of right now it’s taking me about 10 months to perfect this current process. I can build six of the same dice in about 10 minutes with Bertha. I just innovated a new process with stickers. From printing to sticking, I can have a dice ready to go in less than 2 minutes.

What would you say your mission statement is for your business?

We can build… Anything.

Do you sell dice alone, or would you like to see the dice and cards sold together?

The best part about my company is that it is a printing company at heart. The best part is people can mix and match. We sell dice alone, dice and cards, and dice by themselves. Whichever way you want it we can make it happen.

Bertha was having some trouble in early November, how is she now? Having something like that to depend on has to be nice, but scary when things start acting up.

This question hurts my heart. I love all my units, but Bertha was the unit that started this whole business. Just last night I was at the facility and, call me crazy, I gave Bertha a kiss on the right side. That is how much I love that unit. So Bertha is a bit of a high maintenance machine. She’s required to be ran every 2 days, if not, her nozzles start to clog up. During a routine maintenance and switching out of the nozzles, for some odd reason, I blew out the motherboard. So I have a new motherboard coming in from China. I hope to have her up and running by the end of the week. But at the current moment she’s still down.

Can you order Charitable Forces through you, Parker Simpson’s Artwork, or both places?

At the current moment you can order Charitable Forces from the AEGIS website. The thing is that, I’m dividing up the sales to extra life, the team, and the company. So it’s easier for me and my accountant to track where the money is supposed to go.

The Conclusion

Extra Life is what this draft set was done for. If you cannot buy a draft set please take some time to go to the web site and donate their to this wonderful cause.

Until next we meet, May you always need what you roll and Roll what you need.

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