The Marvel Champions Community Definitive Ranking, Issue #2: Core Set-The Rise of Red Skull

Welcome back everyone to another Definitive Ranking, where you, the community, rank all the different aspects of Marvel Champions. We have a lot in this issue to go through, so let’s get right into it.

*Results came from a poll where survey takers ranked from 1 to x a list of selected categories. #1 was worth X, where X was worth the max number in that category, and x was worth one. For example: If you voted Captain America as #1, it got 13 points, Spider-Man #2 – 12 points, etc, etc, etc. Total in every category was added up and then ranked accordingly*

Heroes – Best to Worst

  1. Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange (918 points) -NEW
  2. Captain America/Steve Rogers (893 points) -Last issue was #1 of 8
  3. Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (713 points) -Last issue was #3 of 8
  4. Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew (667 points) -NEW
  5. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (613 points) -NEW
  6. Iron Man/Tony Stark (584 points) -Last issue was #2 of 8
  7. Black Panther/T’Challa (556 points) -Last issue was #6 of 8
  8. Spider-Man/Peter Parker (537 points) -Last issue was #4 of 8
  9. Hawkeye/Clint Barton (529 points) -NEW
  10. Ms. Marvel/Kamala (495 points) -Last issue was #5 of 8
  11. She-Hulk/Jenifer Walters (288 points) -Last issue was #8 of 8
  12. Thor/Odinson (284 points) -Last issue was #7 of 8
  13. Hulk/Bruce Banner (203 points) -NEW

Aspects – Best to Worst

  1. Leadership (285 points) -Last issue was #1 of 4
  2. Justice (204 points) -Last issue was #2 of 4
  3. Aggression (178 points) -Last issue was #4 of 4
  4. Protection (133 points) -Last issue was #3 of 4

Villain Scenarios – Hardest to Easiest

  1. Ultron (730 points) -Last issue was #3 of 6
  2. Green Goblin – Mugition Formula (726 points) -Last issue was #1 of 6
  3. Zola (724 points) -NEW
  4. Red Skull (664 points) -NEW
  5. Klaw (568 points) -Last issue was #2 of 6
  6. Crossbones (457 points) -NEW
  7. Taskmaster (432 points) -NEW
  8. Absorbing Man (256 points) -NEW
  9. Green Goblin/Norman Osborn (247 points) -Last issue was #4 of 6
    Rhino (247 points) -Last issue was #6 of 6
  10. Wrecking Crew (229 points) -Last issue was #5 of 6

Modular Sets – Hardest to Easiest

  1. Kree Fanatic (995 points) -NEW
  2. The Doomsday Chair (979 points) -Last issue was #4 of 9
  3. Legions of Hydra (877 points) -Last issue was #1 of 9
  4. Masters of Evil (669 points) -Last issue was #2 of 9
  5. A Mess of Things (650 points) -Last issue was #5 of 9
  6. Power Drain (612 points) -Last issue was #3 of 9
  7. Running Interference (570 points) -Last issue was #7 of 9
  8. Under Attack (563 points) -Last issue was #8 of 9
  9. Hydra Assault (489 points) -NEW
  10. Weapon Master (480 points) -NEW
  11. Goblin Gimmicks (457 points) -Last issue was #6 of 9
  12. Experimental Weapons (438 points) -NEW
  13. Hydra Patrol (430 points) -NEW
  14. Bomb Scare (191 points) -Last issue was #6 of 9

Upcoming Heroes – Most Look Forward to, to Least

  1. Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff (324 points)
  2. Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (314 points)
  3. Ant-Man/Scott Lang (305 points)
  4. Groot (268 points)
  5. Rocket Raccoon (259 points)
  6. Wasp/Nadia Van Dyne (210 points)

Upcoming Villains – Most Look Forward to, to Least

  1. Kang (388 points)
  2. Ronan the Accuser (337 points)
  3. Nebula (287 points)
  4. Collector – Infiltrate the Museum (273 points)
  5. Collector – Unknown Scenario (240 points)
  6. The Brotherhood of the Badoon (155 points)

Total Votes: 80, Last issue: 66


-Now that Champions is essentially encouraging us to mix and match modular sets, it’s tough to review them in isolation. While Weapon Master isn’t hard by itself, it’s considerably worse when you add in Experimental Weapons, etc.

Good point! We may drop Modular Sets from future issues

-I look forward on Vision and Thanos.

So do we ❀

-You should probably specify which direction is better or worse for the numeric scale (higher = better or lower?)
-Would be good to say on each question whether thigh number or the low number is better/more difficult.

We added those clarifications to the questions after getting these pieces of feedback. Hope that helped πŸ™‚

-Make it a rusty dull blade for making this poll with sliders…..
-Instead of checkboxes use the multiple choice grid.

Not sure how to do ether of those yet, but I will check it out

-shouldn’t have to answer every row or – haven’t played all the content – some stuff is the same difficulty – some stuff I have no intention of ever buying

Yup, as we get more product, the plan is to account for that more and to make the survey easier for everyone. Stay tuned πŸ™‚

-I hope that after Rocket and Groot we get the rest of the Guardians and that goes into the X-men. With the life cycles of some games getting cut short, I’d hate to have the X-men being the “long plan”. I also hope FFG gets promos for the newer characters out and by different means for acquiring than going to your FLGS.

-These things are awesome!!

Thanks πŸ™‚

Next Ranking Information

We can not wait for next issues!

When: A month after Galaxy’s Most Wanted is released

What will be added:
Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Groot, Rocket Raccoon & Wasp/Nadia Van Dyne
Villain Scenarios: Kang, Ronan the Accuser, Nebula, Collector – Infiltrate the Museum, Collector – Unknown Scenario, &The Brotherhood of the Badoon
Modular Sets: Anachronauts, Master of Time, Temporal & the Modulars from the Galaxy’s Most Wanted story box.
Campaign Ranking: The Rise of Red Skull & Galaxy’s Most Wanted

A HUGE thank you to everyone who filled out this survey, we can not wait to do it again next time.  You guys rock!

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1 thought on “The Marvel Champions Community Definitive Ranking, Issue #2: Core Set-The Rise of Red Skull”

  1. Really surprised about Ms. Marvel, she was already fine when she came out but with all the cheap event cards she can boost now she is one of the few heroes that can field Aggression in Solo without going overboard with the Anti-Threat cards.

    People seem to have a hard time with the 4-hand size heroes, but especially Hulk and She-Hulk can often handle a minion that is part of the setup alone without any cards, She-Hulk even a minion that has up to 5 hit points, which gives a lot of wiggle room to build an economy.


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