Faltering Allegiances Spoilers, Issue 4

Written by DarkAngelAz & Cecil Miller

Welcome back everyone to our final, and longest, Faltering Allegiances spoilers article. This set is will be released in two days and we can not wait. Let’s not waste any more of your time and let’s dive into this final batch of spoilers….

Spoilers from the A Renewed Hope Facebook Page

Az – Although definitely skewed towards Villain, the fact that this very good card can be used by Hero decks is a nice touch. Decidedly vulnerable to Desperate Measures, but otherwise potentially gaining extra health at a key moment in the game makes this card worth looking at for anyone playing a majority Red deck. Most mono colour decks will likely resolve 8 or 9 dice naturally over the first two turns, so it is not too hard to tune it either. At first glance it seems possible to trigger this turn one with a Phasma3/Troope/Advanced Training deck. Whilst not likely, it can certainly get very close. An opening hand of Director, Megablaster Troopers, Kamino, without mentioning another two cards, would be nine dice if they were all resolved on the first turn. It has been mentioned on Discord that this card will not allow you to play elite versions of non-unique troopers and that it will be clarified in the FAQ. Not entirely sure why this could not be printed on the card itself though really. 

Cecil – This card has some big possibilities. If you are playing Mono Red, or even Red with vehicles you could easily get 4-5 resources onto this support a turn. That would be turn three getting a full health trooper. The question then becomes what trooper-well off the top of my head there is, for Hero: Clone Trooper and Naboo Palace Guard. Obviously with rotation, Clone Trooper will be unable to come into the game. For villain you have: First Order Stormtrooper & Imperial Death Trooper. Which is a much better grab of troopers. Overall, 2 resources for a new trooper character is well worth it.

Spoilers from Destiny Down Under

Az – For two cost, this card is massive double edged sword. In most cases you really don’t know whether they have shown you the best card or not, sure you get to play the one they don’t show you if you wish, but it is a Sabacc player’s gamble at best or a fool’s mission at worst. The possibility of giving your opponent a big support ready to activate next action seems weak, and playing it when you have dice in the pool that you could have had the joy of paying for them to mitigate feels like a bad choice. I assume the FAQ will clarify you can play supports, upgrades and downgrades, and they will enter play under your control with this card’s effect. 

Cecil – A two cost that could result in a big whiff is problematic. If you know what your opponent is playing in their deck, you may get more play out of this card. The main issue I see is, if you flop 2 great cards, you are giving your opponent a card they wants and needs for free. I also believe that there would be certain decks that you wouldn’t play this card, so it becomes a dead spot. It will be interesting to see if this card has any niche uses though.

Az – This seems like a very long game to take control of a character, even with additional help of getting resources on the card (see Bazine). The three cost is a hindrance as it is not easily played in the first turn, and the sides all have a pay side, which means you will be spending your resources to extort them. Not for me but I expect it to see play in heavy control type decks. 

Cecil – Trying to take control of a character seems interesting; however do you really want to use your resources for it? In a game where getting your upgrades and supports out is key, using 1 of your valuable resources for a chance to gain control of a character seems a bit illogical. I suppose if there is an 11 or less you could focus on them, but don’t do any indirect, because guess where that damage is going. Although an interesting card, I do not see this getting any play.

Az – I really like this card, even if she may be a point too expensive. She is the second villain card spoiled with a 2 shield side. She opens detect and counter detect up to villains. I will be surprised if there are not cards coming in this set, or future sets, that allow a player to play cards they have detected from their opponent’s hand. Her power action works well with a number of cards, not just Extort Cooperation. It will work with Merchant Freighter and Construct The Death Star for example. She is a solid Villain support character, and one I look forward to trying out.

Cecil – She is a 12/14 with only 10 health. Her sides on the dice seem rough at best too. For a middle character, she has none of those middle character benefits. Her power action is interesting, especially in conjunction with Extort Cooperation. But if that card doesn’t see play, I doubt she will as well. I think she could have been an 8/10(11), and she could have been the answer for Satine on the Villain side. I hope someone proves me wrong with her and her ability, but we shall see Nation, we shall see.

Spoilers from Kroozin’s Stream

Az – I think most observers expected there to be some sort of form in the set, and for it to follow the precedent set. I don’t think any form will likely be able to match the value of Niman Mastery, but this card is not bad at all. Three 3 indirect sides and 2 specials which manipulate two dice are a very good value for the three cost. The after playing effect is potentially gamebreakinig by removing a key opponent’s weapon, ideally with the die unresolved, is excellent for an additional. With many weapons looking like they will cost 3, spending only 2 to discard it, might make this a serious consideration for play alongside Niman. I think we can take it as a given that card number 70 is probably a Shii-Cho Training as well. 

Cecil – This is an interesting card, as it comes to forms. The drop part is pretty cool, but it makes you need possibly need five resources to make it go off. Obviously, if (we know there is, but it hasn’t been spoiled yet) there is a training, you can get this out for free and only need two resources to get rid of a weapon. I don’t think getting rid of a weapon is going to be a sticking point to play this card. However, the special is where it’s at. You get to turn any dice, even your own, to say a special or shields, if you need them, then turn a blank to melee damage. Now the obvious play is to manipulate your opponents die. But I believe sometimes turning our own die can be as, if not more, impactful.

Az – The most noticeable thing about this is that it uses screen shot from The Rise of Skywalker. This is a nice addition to Lightsaber Mastery decks, or if another good move event is released now or in the future. There probably should be a clarification if using this in an event about which moves are brought and whether they have to be the same each round as per Lightsaber Mastery, or whether you can bring a whole Wu-Tang fighting style of moves to the set aside zone. In Palpatine3/Lightsaber Mastery or Mace Windu2 decks, this card could be a beast. Potentially, meaning up to 5 Fatal Blows could be played. But I don’t expect it be prevalent, even at zero cost.

Cecil – Anytime you can add cards to your deck, it is a plus; but when you can do it for free and they make your deck 32 cards, it is all the more better. Move cards are still prevalent after rotation, so that is a good thing.

This card allows you to bring all the move cards and pick 2 different ones to put in your deck. If you run this as a 2 of, that is 4 move cards-above and beyond what is already loaded in your deck. I believe this could be an amazing play early on, but could become more problematic the further you go into the game. It is hard to use a turn to play this card at the end game status, unless you are out front, but those move cards are big. I believe this will see some major play early, but will become one of those cards that look better on paper than in practice.

Az – I do like the stat line Dyas has for his cost. 2 damage sides and a focus, as well as 9 health for 9 single die. His ability is probably only useful in a mono-Blue deck without some other way of looking at the top your deck, because if you choose to use it and the card is not Blue it will be discarded. That said, in a mono-Blue deck it is a very good ability and far more balanced and fair than Sentinel Messenger is, for example. I can see a place for him as the little in a big-little deck, or as a solid single die in a three wide build. 

Cecil – A 9/12 hero with 9 health? Yes please. He has some great possible synergies and in a Mono-Blue deck, he will guarantee the 6th card in your hand. The die, for a support character, is good and he has the Jedi branding that allows for some good low cost removal. You can also see some good combinations across colors with him, but be mindful that a rainbow connection will most likely cause you to miss out on that extra card. Overall, this is a good character and one I believe will see a good amount of play.

Spoilers from Tiny Grimes

Az – The perfect companion plot for your Inquisitor decks. It is probably fair to assume this card ties in with Second Sister and another Inquisitor. The action of once per turn blanking a die is more reliable than Salt Flats and is worth playing if the numbers add up solely for that. If combined with the other blanking cards available it stands to be a useful part of an Inquisitor control deck, and that feels right. 

Cecil – This plot has an issue with the fact that Inquisitors are not really prevalent after rotation, except for Second Sister It will be interesting to see what else will come when the sun drops. The turning of a die to a blank is a good use of this card, and it also allows for some dice manipulation. However, with their only being one inquisitor in play, we will see if this plot sees any kind of real use in the meta.

Az – By far the most interesting of the plots previewed. Clearly designed to support Partisan builds with the destruction theme, and I like the minus one option to mono Yellow being available at the cost of deck dilution. The cards added are not bad cards at all and will be generically useful. I think the designers have missed something by not making the during setup “lose the roll” a negative modifier so there would not need to be an explanation of what happens if both players are playing this plot. The FAQ will also need to clarify whether cards from sets not in ARH: Standard can be included in the set-aside zone during deck construction if specifically referenced by another card. 

Cecil – Another minus one plot and it allows for the fact that everyone on your team has to be Yellow. The Continuation Committee said they were going to push for people to try and play mono color, here is proof that that is what they’re trying to do. This is going to be an interesting thing for bounty hunters, could this make them meta? Well, the only bad thing being losing the opening rolloff. I believe this card could be the most powerful one to date. The fact that you can bring two each of Disable, Rebel, and Act of Cruelty to make your deck size 36, also gives power to those characters. This is easily a game changer to state the obvious. I believe this card will see major play from mono colored players.

Az – Awww a card that lets Jyn and Cassian pair up. Meh. The ability is very strong and I am glad it is limited to once per game without reset tech to ready the Plot. Fair more interesting is that it is neutral and therefore implies there will be more Spy characters and hopefully a natural partner(s) for Bazine. I am very curious to see how the detect mechanic works once all the cards related to it are revealed and whether its a good part of the game or a niche idea that doesn’t quite take off. 

Cecil – This minus one plot is a big deal card for all the 31 points spy playing players. The obvious choice is to play Jyn3/Cassian2. This allows you to take that 31 point team and make them 30. Using Jyn/Cassian is not only thematic, but also provides a lot of detect mechanics. This plot also allows you to exhaust it to play a detected card. Now it doesn’t say “one of your detected cards”, so I take that to mean you can play one that either Cassian or Jyn caused to be detected from your opponents hand. Having that ability could cause major headaches for your opponent.

A Renewed Hope Balance Article

Az – The targeted companion card to the Jyn Cassian deck. A one cost event that allows the player to look at the hand and choose which card is detected. I think the detect suite needs cards like this to be effective so am pleased to see it. Being Hero only, I wonder then if there is a Villain only detect card too. 

Cecil – This allows a different mechanic when it comes to detect. You get to basically play a Counterintelligence and detect the card you want to. Why is that important? Well, if you are playing Jyn the opponent cannot then play the detected card and you may then have the ability to play the card yourself if you play the new Spy Plot we talked about earlier. This card allows, for 1 resource, to also get that ever needed hand knowledge to make decisions easier when you play later in the round. This is a great card if you are playing with the Detect mechanic and will be a 2 of in each of those decks.

A Renewed Hope RRG

Az – Now this is a character I can get behind. A cute restriction that he can’t be hit with vehicle direct damage and a great Power Action to recycle/steal droids or turn their dice. I would hope there is a clarification as to whether he needs to discard a card to play a droid from the discard pile. He has okay dice sides for his costs but finally some love for Engineers too. 

Cecil – This 10/12 character is one that was a quick hit in the movie. For the game, I have some reservations. As a support character his health is nice but his points seem a bit high to me. Besides his 2 shield side, the die is just weak; but he shouldn’t have a crazy die. The issue is the Power Action; with the nerf on droids, I don’t see them getting a lot of play. Because of that, Babu’s ability takes a major hit. I think people will try and get this character to work, but like C-3P0’s memory, he will vanish early in the gameplay after this set has dropped.

Az – There probably isn’t a single player reading this that didn’t think “where was this card in Spark of Hope?” Perfect for what it does and the best card so far for simplicity of design and silver bullet meta. 

Nothing more to be said. 

Cecil – This is a one cost event that stops droids, all droids, from having their dice turned. This would have been great in the last two meta cycles with droids galore, but again with the hit to Fateful Companions, I believe this card will not see a ton of play. It may have a niche place, but for all the times that you sit down across from someone not playing droids, this becomes a discard to reroll card.

Az – That card is literally so ugly to look at. This is more one cost mitigation, but having to spot a Bounty Hunter and discard one or more bounties to remove dice feels bad and is only really useable in a bounty recycle deck with 4-Lom and Zuckuss. Otherwise, it is just a lose more card. 

Cecil – With the new Plot that could help make bounty hunters meta, I believe that this card will be a 2 of in any of those decks. I mean, think about this in a 4-LOM deck, you get rid of three bounties and then remove three dice. All for the low, low cost of 1 Resource. Then you get to put those bounties back into your hand. This is going to be a great card for anyone willing to run 4-LOM and his buddies, for certain.

Az – I am honestly unsure about this card. On the surface it looks like trash with the Power Action requiring you to exhaust on top of costing three to play. I am trying to figure out what kind of deck you would play it in to make best use of the ability, as big Yellow doesn’t feel like an archetype. The card cycling when you exhaust is nice, and the die is really good especially because of the lack of blanks. 

Cecil – This is an interesting card that allows you to cycle through your deck. It sets you up to manipulate your dice with the focus sides, and gives you the extra scare to your opponent’s hand with the 2 discard side. The only problem is, there is no damage sides. For a 3 cost vehicle, you would expect a side or two to have damage. The Power Action makes me think this is mill support. Getting rid of resources is always what a mill player wants to do, they want to control and remove your hand. I can see anyone playing mill using this card to great affect.

Az – On the surface this card looks insane. Three cost ability for two damage sides and two conditional damage sides with mitigation, amazing. The restriction to Jedi only is not much of a drawback for Blue Hero, especially while Knighthood exists. You could attach this and go to four upgrades with a Knighthood attached, and then discard the Knighthood after even. The only downside is that is turns all other character’s dice and does damage to each including your own. With Niman Mastery being in the meta, this card will have a big effect and force a change in playing style, at the very least in making opponents resolve dice sooner than they would like if they want to avoid damage. Ultimately, I don’t think it is quite as powerful as it seems though once you start playing with it. 

Cecil – This card I like, but be warned this could affect your other characters as well. The special is a pretty cool effect. Having damage done by the number of blanks is a cool trick with this card. This allows you to rotate the dice of all characters, except for the character that has this card on them, and then do 1 damage for each die that was rotated. This makes me smile, it does the effect to everyone in the same way, friend or foe. On top of the special damage, it also has 2 other damage sides, both indirect but a 2 and a 3 isn’t anything to scoff about. The 2 shield is a big side as well. Shields are an underutilized feature of this game. I believe that this card will not only see play but will also help define the meta when talking about Blue Hero.

In Conclusion…..

We can not wait for Faltering Allegiances here at I Rebel, due to be release this Friday the 16th. This first set from the Continuing Committee is shaping up to be fairing well done and balance. It has been a blast going over these spoilers for this set with Sarah Evans, DarkAngelAz, & Cecil Miller. Thank you for joining us for this series and we hope to see you all at the table soon. -JediGeekGirl, Out

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  1. If I’m honest, this set may get me back into the game. I traded my collection to my brother in return for another hobby collection, but these cards are really interesting. Plus they’re free. Super psyched to see where this game will go!!!


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