Faltering Allegiances Spoilers, Issue 3

Written by DarkAngelAz & Cecil Miller

Welcome back everyone to another Faltering Allegiances spoilers article. This set is right around the corner and we, like you, can not wait to see this whole set. Without farther a do, let’s dive into this issue.

Spoilers from The Hyperloops

Az – I think this is the kind of stat line which indicates the Continuing Committee are looking to play the long game, so to speak, rather than just looking for a quick hit and done. Solid health for her points costs, but a singularly unimpressive die, with even the special being limited to your character dice, although they could get a nice boost with the die manipulation theme that this card and the others spoiled indicate they are looking for Inquisitors to fill. She could potentially pair well with IG-88(2), Kragan, or Enfys Nest, but I hope she will have a suitable partner that is yet to be revealed in the search for a Rogue Jedi. 

Her after activation ability loses a lot at single die when compared to being elite as the best result would be for one of her two dice to come up blank and this is slightly less than twice as likely as elite compared to non-elite (1/6 and 11/36). I think she would struggle to close out a game without some very good upgrades to support, but Niman Mastery would work well here as it does with almost every Blue character. Her special seems most likely to be used to make money early on and forces an opponent to think carefully about how much they want to leave resources on the table.

Cecil – I am not in love with this card. For 10/13, I would like my support character to have 2 damage sides. Although the special can get you that damage, I think she lacks teeth to be played regularly. The special can be worth 3 damage but it’ll be interesting to see how often that will/can happen.

Az – Speaking of very good upgrades I really like the Warblade. Redeploy is a lot scarcer than it has been, but this seems to me to be one of the few auto includes that is likely to be in Faltering Allegiances. Maul2 and Reylo (Rey3 & Kylo3) will love having this in play with the three damage sides for Maul to utilize, and any good redeploy weapon works well for Reylo. The damage taken when resolving is thematic and a good balance for a 3 cost weapon with three damage sides.

Cecil – I am not entirely sure what Blue villain deck I wouldn’t put this into. A redeploy for three sometimes causes angst, but look at the sides, a 2, a 3, and a modified 4 for a resource is very painful. I like also how you have to take a damage to resolve the die, no matter which side. There is an extra “cost” to being a being on the dark side, and this card plays into that mechanic well.

Az – Continuing the pattern seen in the other mitigation cards spoiled, this is soft mitigation with a play restriction, to have any effect. It does have a very nice kick with the additional damage effect, and probably fits into the kind of build that plays damage from hand with cards such as No Mercy and Conflicted. It adds nicely to the Inquisitor theme of dice manipulation without being overpowered. It should be noted that if you can’t turn a die to a blank in the first part, then the second part will not do any damage.

Cecil – One cost removal piece that has good play restrictions. Having to spot a Sith or Inquisitor allows for this card to be rendered useless if your opponent kills off the character that can play it. It is soft manipulation, but has the extra advantage of having damage from hand. That sneaky kind of damage that can take out a character mid game. I see this taking the place of Hidden Motive in most decks.

Spoilers from the A Renewed Hope article

Az – Of this batch of 3 cost non redeploy weapons, this appears to have a fair degree of usefulness. 4 damage sides is very solid as is the chance of double-dipping each turn with it. The restriction on it being a trooper to get the possible extra roll per a turn is fair, but likely limits its presence in decks. I expect it will be played around more often than not though. As currently worded, this card looks as if it may cause the die to removed or resolved when the attached, but this will need to be clarified as this does not seem to be the intent. Hopefully the Continuing Committee will release and keep up to date an FAQ and not rely on discord discussions to answer rules queries.

Cecil – This upgrade has some potential. However, I find a 3 cost that doesn’t have redeploy hard to get behind. This die having 3, and maybe 4 damage sides is big though. I believe it will see a lot of play; anytime you put melee on a Red die opens up big combos between Red and Blue.

Az – Another 3 cost non-redeploy lightsaber. This one has a very nice after playing ability to remove shields and possibly do damage. The non unique effect if it is on Taron Malicos (he is from Fallen Order if you don’t know) is nice, but very niche unless Taron has exceptional synergy with this card. The die itself is good with three 2 melee sides, albeit one of them being a modifier, and the rarity of a 2 shield side in villain. It will see play if this sort of cost and stat line is the benchmark for weapon upgrades being designed going forward. 

Cecil – This upgrade has a bit more bite to it than the FN-2199’s Riot Baton. In my opinion, this is worth the three resource cost. Any time you can get a die that will give you 2 damage 50% of the time it’s a good day. The play ability of taking off shields is an interesting one, but one that will not see much use. This is going to see a fair amount of play.

Az – Does anyone see a pattern with the costs on these weapons? The die sides on this weapon are excellent even with the pay sides. Three damage and two shield sides, is very solid indeed. The Power Action could be exceptionally powerful, as like other cards of its type (Runaway Boomas), it is effectively elite 50 percent of the time. The small additional benefit of always enabling the second die if it is played on Cal should not be overlooked. I expect this to see play in Cal, Reylo and Blue sticks decks. 

Cecil – This Power Action is bonkers. You can have two of these massively damage focused dice in the pool at the same time. Another three cost with no redeploy. However, between the damage sides and the Power Action, it is worth it. I like this as the replacement for Rey’s Lightsaber in a lot of Jedi decks. The second part of the Power Action is also interesting, because you don’t have to have it on Cal to roll in that second die. This could be meta defining in the Blue world.

Az – The play restriction is nothing of consequence and merely thematic. This is a decent 2 cost lightsaber, especially if played on Jaro Tapal. Die is solid without setting the galaxy on fire and the Power Action is fundamentally a one cost discount on playing Cal’s Lightsaber. It may see play in heavy lightsaber deck, and if Jaro Tapal is playable, which we don’t know yet. 

Cecil – This is a weaker version of Cal’s lightsaber. For 2 resources, it should be. The idea behind it works well, mentor passing down a lightsaber goes back to Obi Wan in a New Hope. I love cards that bring me back to the movies, and although this comes from a video game, the thought is still there. On top of that, to be able to play Cal’s lightsaber for free ,makes Cal’s lightsaber even more powerful. This is definitely a card that could see some play, just to not have to pay 3 resources later.

Az – At last a three cost upgrade with redeploy! I really like this weapon, because the three damage sides, coupled with its action, mean it can pump out a lot of hurt quickly. The fact that it is an action, means that if you can ready the character, or otherwise re-roll the upgrade die, this creates a lot of potential pain. It makes whomever it is attached to a big target, but by having redeploy that is less of a concern. The additional benefit of being attached to Cassian is very strong and fits the theme of all named weapons being playable by anyone, but better when attached to their namesake. 

Cecil – Unblockable damage is always good damage. If you are playing this on Cassian, you are going to have that ability. The action of increasing this die by 1 is also a plus for the weapon. The biggest thing that I like is the fact that it has redeploy. Being able to pay 3 resources and not having them wasted is big. Also, because shields are not as prevalent, this weapon will find a home with any Red hero.

Az – A Red only 3 cost blaster, without redeploy, with a marginal action cheating benefit when you play it, doesn’t massively appeal to me. It is redeemed somewhat by the four damage side, although the best of those having a pay side feels more limiting than it needs to be. The fact that Jyn gets to use two of the three options, will be small beans really. The best ability is the “activate a character” ability, as it can be used to force an opponent to roll in before they are ready. Meaning they may not get their key upgrades down at a critical point in the game. There may be good uses for this blaster as the meta develops, if supported.

Cecil – I like what the Continuing Committee is doing here. They are giving you a bonus if you play cards on the proper characters. With Jyn’s blaste,r you get to do two things when you play this upgrade; whereas you will only do one if you play it in someone else. This upgrade does have the “Red character only” play restriction, but I believe there are a lot of good Red characters out there to pair with Jyn. At the end of the day, this is a plus weapon in my eyes.

Az – Bantha Fodder. There may well be niche deck with Ahsoka2 to abuse this, or with Sudden Impact and Legacies in Infinite, but otherwise it is not for me. The Power Action is fairly straightforward, but not sure the Partisan deck needed more shoot itself in the foot tech to hurt the enemy. This card will need additional cards to potentially make it worthwhile, and even then, one has to consider the costs and number of action required to set things up. Without releasing anything to improve, I cannot see a role for this card beyond some crazy Ewoks suicide shenanigans.

Cecil – Not sure what I think of this one. I mean, you can play Saw2 with some Younglings and “Vader” them to do damage, but I am unsure. It must have gotten a good deal of play testing, but to be honest with the I Rebel Nation, I am going to have to take a wait and see look at this. Could this deck bring back Ewoks? Maybe…..stay tuned!!

Thank you for joining us for another look into Faltering Allegiances. We should be back with Issue 4 soon…..

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