A Strong Start for Star Wars: Destiny Continuing Committee

Written by Cecil Miller

First allow me to introduce myself to you, the I Rebel Nation, my name is Cecil Miller. I have been playing Star Wars: Destiny since the beginning and play at a competitive place. I am by no means a pro, I’ll leave that to those that can bust the game; however I have done well in both Store Championship (2 wins and a third) and Regionals (a 5th place finish)

Quick Start

The Continuing Committee got started quickly and wanted to make sure that Destiny life went on as scheduled. With their sole purpose being on building the committee first, the leadership had to weigh making this an elite club, or allowing voices from all over. To their credit, they made an inclusive place for people to meet and give ideas for the upcoming project.

Being one of the first people in, I wanted to show my support for this endeavor. The idea of no, Star Wars: Destiny IS a great game, especially since I had bought my ticket and was looking forward to going to my first Worlds. The quickness of the PCs leadership in building this committee, this community gave the player base hope. We all know what is built on hope….

A Renewed Hope, you could say…

A Revolution

People were quick to want swift changes made by the PC. The biggest thing I can say is that the Leadership Team was not going to do anything rash. They were determined to allow FFG to cut ties with SWD before they would move forward with anything SWD related.

The best thing about the Leadership Team, is that they didn’t just sit back and wait. They were proactive and started to build the first set that was going to have the Continuing Committee’s name on it. They wanted it to be a full set, so that there could be a rotation, and so people would see that this Leadership Team was not messing around. What they built is now being spoiled throughout Star Wars Destiny Content Creators all over the nation. We have seen quite a few cards, and to be honest, the cards are pretty hot. They are shooting for a Moon Shot with this set for sure. That allows us, the players, to have trust that this isn’t a venture that will stall out but will continue to go.

Can’t Wait!

I personally can’t wait to see what else is in store. The Leadership team has earned our trust, and our patience. Remember to get behind this Team, and let them know that you appreciate what they are doing; because this is truly a labor of love. These people are putting their blood, sweat, and tears into this game for no return investment. When you see the cards BE KIND. This job is being done for us by a Team that is working for free.

Until next time I Rebel Nation, May you always Roll what you need and Need what you roll.

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