Celebrating 15 years of Revenge of the Sith, Interview #9 – Alex from Star Wars Explained

Welcome, to week 9 of our celebration of Revenge of the Sith’s 15th anniversary.
15 different guests, 15 Interviews, 15 weeks in a row
“Twisted by the Dark Side, young Skywalker has become. The boy you trained… gone he is. Consumed by Darth Vader.”

Welcome, Alex to our Revenge of the Sith 15th Anniversary Celebration Series. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer our questions.

Hi, my name is Alex Damon and I created the YouTube channel Star Wars Explained.

Before we get started, could you please share with our readers a little bit about yourself, your content, and how you got into Star Wars?
I got into Star Wars when I was eight. My parents introduced it to me over a summer break from a VHS they had taped off of TBS. I watched that tape every day until it broke and they decided they should probably go ahead and get the official home releases. I quickly became obsessed with the entire universe, getting into the books and video games as I grew up. My best friend and I basically had our own book club every day where we would agree on which chapters to read in which book so we could talk about it on the bus the next day. That turned into a love of Star Wars trivia, which led to me competing in silly contests as an adult. In order to get better, I decided to make a YouTube channel about my studies, and that’s where my early videos came from. Now I still enjoy making that style of video, but I have learned to also love really trying to dissect all the new movies and books and comics for meaning and themes, which is a fairly new thing for me.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Let’s start at the beginning, when and where did you first see Revenge of the Sith?
It came out during my senior year of high school. At that point in time, I was still very into the movies as they came out, but I don’t think I was reading all the books. A group of friends said they wanted to go see it at midnight opening night with me, and of course, I agreed. 

2. What was your experience like?
My friends knew I loved Star Wars, but I don’t think they realized to what extent. I showed up in a cloak with a lightsaber. They did not. But that was fine, it was of course a blast.

3. What was your reaction after you saw it your first time?
Excitement? Honestly, it’s all a blur, fifteen years is a long time ago and it was right around finals too! But I have nothing but fond memories of seeing it.

4. What is your favorite scene in Revenge of the Sith and why?
Order 66 is my favorite scene in the movie. I think that comes from being more familiar with all the Jedi that were being betrayed. It’s sad regardless, but I had read books and played games with Plo Koon and Ki-Adi-Mundi! Not them, don’t let them die! And all of that’s on the heels of Kit Fisto…

5. What is your favorite character in Revenge of the Sith and why?
Obi-Wan is my favorite character of the prequels and I think he’s one of the best in Star Wars. He represents a flawed version of the Jedi, but he’s still one of the first people I think of at all when I think about the Order. He always tries to do what’s right. He’s willing to stand up to evil, but he also has limits. He won’t kill his best friend.

6. What is your favorite tie-in material (from either Legends or canon) and why?
I’m going to leave off the novelization because…come on. It’s awesome. But the original Clone Wars mini-series got me SO hyped as we led into Revenge of the Sith.

7. What is your favorite piece of merchandise/collectible from this film and why?
I’m not a huge collector, and I was pretty much out of my action figure phase when Episode III came out. So it’s probably something I picked up more recently, and even then I don’t have a whole lot. We have a fun Funko Pop! set of Obi-Wan and Anakin’s duel.

8. When you think of Revenge of the Sith, what do you think about and why?
The Battle of the Heroes. I watched that sequence a LOT in my freshman year of college. It made me want to make my own silly lightsaber films.

9. 15 years later, has your opinion changed at all on the film? If so how?
I already liked it, but boy do I appreciate it more as an adult, especially in the current political climate. The political story of the prequels, and especially Revenge of the Sith resonates so well with the state of the world today.

10. What does Revenge of the Sith mean to you currently?
Hold your leaders accountable. Some people are willing to let liberty die with thunderous applause, and when that happens it’s up to the people to stand against it.

11. What are some things about the Revenge of the Sith that you love, respect or hold dear that others may overlook and why?
Padme’s line about the Clone Wars representing a failure to listen. I think that’s true of most conflicts in the world, both major and minor.

12. Where does Revenge of the Sith sit for you in your personal ranking of the 12 theatrical releases and why?
I think I’d place it eighth. I enjoy the prequels, but my introduction to Star Wars was the original trilogy. There are some things about the execution of the prequel trilogy I think could have been done better, so I tend to rank it lower, even though I think the story being told is a good and important one.

13. What would you like to see in the future around Revenge of the Sith, ether stories, merchandise, features, interviews, etc?
I really want Lucasfilm to spend more time in the prequel era. The Clone Wars’ final season was such a success, I hope they do. I don’t know that I can ask for much more beyond those episodes, I’m still so grateful we got them. If we are to spend time in the prequels, I think I’d prefer we go in between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, there is a lot less story content there.

14. In your opinion, what is the legacy of Revenge of the Sith?
I think the whole prequel trilogy set up this precedent that Star Wars doesn’t have to be this one kind of thing. They are very different from the originals, and that didn’t sit well with some people, but to others, it’s their favorite. Star Wars isn’t defined by one style and one alone. 

15. What are your last words on Revenge of the Sith and/ or things you would like readers to know about this film?
If it’s been a while since you’ve seen Revenge of the Sith, give it another go! I think it gets better and better with age.

Thanks again Alex for joining us in this 15th-anniversary celebration of Revenge of the Sith.

Of course, thank you for having me!

If people would like to find you or your content, where can they find it?
We are on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at Star Wars Explained!

Thank you readers for joining us in the celebration of Revenge of the Sith and stay tuned for our next entry into this series, coming next Monday. Till then, we wish you nothing but the best, stay safe out there and May the Force be with you.

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