Marvel Champions Team-up – I’m Going to Rocket

The team-up you didn’t know you needed.

Before I begin, I would like to thank 1-2-Punchboard for inviting me to talk about one of the heroes that were revealed this past Thursday at Gen Con and joining this team-up.

When I had to pick who to write an article about, I automatically had to go with Rocket Raccoon. Why? Well for one, I knew he would go quickly if I did not grab him. 2ndly, He is the character everyone is looking forward to most, according to a poll in the Marvel Champions Discord. 3rdly, I am really looking forward to him. Finally? Because who doesn’t like the wise-cracking a**hole raccoon from the Guardian of the Galaxy films. So without farther ado, let’s dive into him.


Whatever you do, do NOT call him a Trash Panda

First, I would like to look at Rocket’s Hero side. His stats are not, well, great. 2 THW, 1 ATK, 1 DEF, 9 HP, and a hand size of 5. They are far from the worst in the game but outside of the basic 5 card hand size and 2 THW, you are not really excelling beyond average with this hero. So what makes him interesting and want people to play with him so much? Spoiler, it is not just his hero side, but we will get there. For this side, it is his ability Murdered You, which is adorable but that’s besides the point. Right away this reminds me of Thor‘s playstyle but done so in a more interesting way. You want to be killing minions, yes, but you want to be overkilling them. This to me sparks the joy in you that Rocket feels himself when in a battle. You want to be hitting hard or spreading out damage and hitting multiple things at once, think cards like Melee. You want to be overkilling enemies so you can be drawing those cards to do even more damage or tricks, and with no limit on his ability, you’ll want to be killing every minion you see. Laughing maniacally while you kill not only your minions but your teammate’s as well.


Whatever you do, do not allow him near people with prosthetics

But what about his alter-ego side? What makes that so special? At first, with a 3 REC & 6 hand size, not much. Again, what makes Rocket stand out is his ability. Tinkering allows you to discard a TECH card you have in play and draw two cards. Are you catching a theme here? Aggro drawing is what I would like to call it. You will want to be killing enemies, drawing cards, and just exploding. I love that in a character. Before we get ahead of ourselves here, let’s point out one more thing about this card. His ability is based around the TECH keyword, which gives you the other half of this character’s playstyle. He wants to play and burn through tech, killing as many baddies as he can, very thematic. Sadly, it is limited to once per round but that is fine. You can do your thing, get your money back, and set up for the next round. Unfortunately, you can not scrap one of your teammate’s TECH cards. Which you should have been able to do. You know Rocket would want to do that. 😉

Rocket likes BFGs

The last card that was shown to by FFG was the Particle Cannon TECH card. Rocket is not fooling around here. He brought the big guns. 3 for 8 damage with ranged overkill divided across two turns? Yes, please. Let’s get this down on the board, let’s blast some enemies, and then let’s burn it with Tinkering for 2 new cards. It is “restricted” you say? Rocket doesn’t care, he just laughs at you and then gets back to blasting some baddies.

So that is it, those were the spoilers we got around Rocket Raccoon this past week. Not a whole lot that we got but on the flip side, it gave us enough to excite us for Galaxy’s Most Wanted in February. Rocket’s playstyle is what I am looking forward to most walking away from these spoilers. I love playing Ms. Marvel-Aggression and I know I will love playing Rocket in Aggression as well. His playstyle at first glance is like a blend of Captain Marvel and Thor. I love drawing cards and doing damage. I can not wait to channel my inner a**hole raccoon and I’m sure you can not wait to do that either.

hqdefault (3)
Admit it, you can hear this in your head right now

That will do it for my piece in this series. Again, thank you 1-2-Punchboard for the invite to be apart of this team-up and thank you reader for reading this. I hope you enjoyed my brief comments on this character and these spoilers.


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