Celebrating 15 years of Revenge of the Sith, Interview #2 – Ty from What the Force

Welcome, to week 2 of our celebration of Revenge of the Sith’s 15th anniversary.
15 different guests, 15 Interviews, 15 weeks in a row
“From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!”

Welcome, Ty to our Revenge of the Sith 15th Anniversary Celebration Series. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer our questions.

Hi there! Thank you so much for the opportunity to share.

Before we get started, could you please share with our readers a little bit about yourself, your content and how you got into Star Wars?
My introduction to Star Wars goes back to the Prequels, mostly. My parents weren’t really fans but I was always intrigued. I had a cousin I grew up with that had some figurines from the Original Trilogy, but I wasn’t super interested in ships. As soon as Padme and Anakin were introduced, I was hooked. I began researching Joseph Campbell and the mythic framework after seeing The Last Jedi, and I was shocked at how connected everything was and how important it was to so many people. I guess once I started making videos about the mythic structure was when I really joined the fandom.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Let’s start at the beginning, when and where did you first see Revenge of the Sith?
I guess I was around 14. Funny enough, ROTS was the first Star Wars movie I watched in the theater. I begged my dad to take me – I didn’t have any friends that were into Star Wars. Not even my brother was interested.

2. What was your experience like?
My dad embarrassed me. The theater was not very full and when Vader screamed “Noooo!” at the end, he busted out laughing. I wanted to melt into the floor. 

3. What was your reaction after you saw it your first time?
I actually really enjoyed it. It felt big, even then, before I understood what it was about. It kind of stuck with me on a psychological level. The tragedy of Darth Vader – of Anakin Skywalker – really was a neat story leading to the birth of Luke and Leia. 

4. What is your favorite scene in Revenge of the Sith and why?
Padme’s Ruminations is very epic. Everything about that scene is epic. I also love the scene where Anakin finally calls Palpatine “Master.” Again, the tragedy of Anakin and what led him to become Vader is absolutely epic, especially knowing that it comes full circle in the Original Trilogy.

5. What is your favorite character in Revenge of the Sith and why?
Oh hands down, Padme. I was a fourteen-year-old girl who was very much into love stories and dresses and feminine things. 

6. What is your favorite tie-in material (from ether Legends or canon) and why?
I truly love the Vader comics written by Charles Soule and the current run by Greg Park. They deal a lot with this sort of “ghost” of Padme haunting Vader at every turn and I love that.

7. What is your favorite piece of merchandise/collectible from this film and why?
I actually don’t own any official merch from this film! I have some fan art that’s slightly adjacent, but honestly, finding merch that features Padme and/or the love story is a bit difficult.

8. When you think of Revenge of the Sith, what do you think about and why?
Padme’s Ruminations where she looks somewhat defiant against Anakin for once. Also Anakin’s tearful or dark eyes. 

9. 15 years later, has your opinion changed at all on the film? If so how?
I appreciate it a lot more, and I defend it now. Before I just accepted that it was an “objectively bad movie” because that’s what everyone said. But now I see it as necessary and important in the mythic structure. 

10. What does Revenge of the Sith mean to you currently?
Well, at this very moment it’s a movie I’m excited to watch again. 

11. What are somethings about the Revenge of the Sith that you love, respect or hold dear that others may overlook and why?
The importance of the romance is very dear to me. I know a lot more of that is established in the previous film, but George really leaned into it in ways he didn’t have to here. There’s a moment where Padme is sitting in the ship before she goes to confront him and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. And Anakin runs to her as if she’s still the only person in the universe that matters. The love was there and remained there even after she died. That is precious to me.

12. Where does Revenge of the Sith sit for you in your personal ranking of the 12 theatrical releases and why?
My ranking changes all the time! Without giving away the exact position, I’d say right now it’s somewhere below The Last Jedi and somewhere above The Return of the Jedi.

13. What would you like to see in the future around Revenge of the Sith, ether stories, merchandise, features, interviews, etc?
I do want more of Padme represented symbolically in the stories. The current run with Greg Park is promising, but I’m a little concerned with how she’s been used thus far. Also, those small moments are so important to me. I wish they would be idolized a bit more. You see a lot of images of the Anakin and Obi fight at the end with the lava exploding behind them. Why not more images of a defiant, pregnant Padme? That’s more powerful to me, personally.

14. In your opinion, what is the legacy of Revenge of the Sith?
I’m not really sure. For many fans, I think it’s a necessary film that has its moments. To me, it’s a curious film that does exactly what it set out to do. There will likely never be anything else quite like it.

15. What are your last words on Revenge of the Sith and/ or things you would like readers to know about this film?
It’s a love story that ends in tragedy, but you already know it ultimately ends in the parent being saved from that tragedy by his own child. That’s as mythic as it gets.

Thanks again Ty for joining us in this 15th-anniversary celebration of Revenge of the Sith.

Thanks again for the opportunity! I love this movie!

If people would like to find you or your content, where can they find it?
Follow me on Twitter at @wit_folly and check out my YouTube content

Thank you readers for joining us in the celebration of Revenge of the Sith and stay tuned for our next entry into this series, coming next Monday. Till then, we wish you nothing but the best, stay safe out there and May the Force be with you.

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