Star Wars TCG *Exclusive* Spoiler – Enfys Nest (A)


Before we begin, we would like to thank the SWTCG IDC for sending us this exclusive spoiler from their next expansion, Solo.

*Disclaimer: I, JediGeekGirl, am a noob and am still learning the game so please forgive anything I overlook and/or forget.*

The Card


First Impressions

First off I want to say that I love Enfys Nest, I mean who doesn’t. It is a nice addition to see her in the game and in more than one card. The first thing that strikes me when looking at a new card is the picture chosen to represent the card. When I first look at this picture, I automatically imagine a focus on Enfsy leading the Cloud Riders on her speeder for their next job. Sure enough, the abilities on this card leans right into that.

Card’s Ability & Stats

Her picture is cool but how is her card? Now this is where I get into trouble not knowing what values are good for what stats but based on my knowledge so far, I am going to give it the old “college try”. Enfys Nest (A) is a 6 Cost, 40 Speed, 4 Power, 6 HP Light Side Character. To me, at first glance, the stats feel very standard. Not great but not bad. So clearly something else must stand out about her and sure enough something else does, her abilities. O boy her ability.

To me what stands out to me about this card is the ability, which even impresses a noob like me. For her abilities, she grants a speeder she pilots – Riposte 2 (she will do 2 damage to your opponent’s attacking unit if it rolls a natural 2), Inspiration when that speeder is unique (+10 speed, +1 power, and +1 health to each of your other units in that arena) and 1 Force- Ambush 3 (she can catch units by surprise with 3 dice of damage when they are deployed or moved into that arena). Wow! To me, she is a character that you would love to build around with abilities like that. It makes me what to try a deck with her and a team of speeders to see what I can do with her.


Since my knowledge of the SWTCG and it’s card pool is small, I’m afraid that I might not have a lot to add here. Not to mention only two cards from this set have been revealed so far, Lando Calrissian (Q) & Enfys Nest (B). Despite that, however, I would expect not only cards around her to be in the set but cards around the Cloud Riders in general, to the point where you can have a complete deck around her and her crew. Or a Hybrid deck with her and some other Speeder based cards. The concept of these kinds of decks excites me, not just as a player but thematically as well.

“The Stack”

Since this character is unique and we already know that there will be another version of this card, I thought I would take a quick look and comparison to her other incarnations. As of right now, we only know of one and that one is Enfys Nest (B).

First thing I like about this card in relation to our spoiler is the hidden cost. It helps us get Enfys Nest (A) on the table sooner at the cost of Force. Even though it only saves you one build point, it makes sure that you have A in the reserve to switch to when you have your speeder(s) ready, if you don’t already. The same can be said for her Meditate effect. Great for making sure that your goal is consistent.

There is a lot I can say about this card but this article is not a review of Enfys Nest (B), so I am going to end it there when talking about it. That being said, I can not wait to see C & D, if they are in this set


As I said before, I love Enfsy Nest and I can not wait to give this card a try. I do not know how it stacks up to the tons of cards already in the game, but I got a feeling it will see play by those more experienced players then I.

This article was fun to do and I am looking forward to doing it again with another SWTCG spoiler in the future. Till then, thank you for reading this and May the Force be with you.


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