The Marvel Champions 20 Questions Hotseat, Issue #7: Crimson

Welcome, Crimson to our Marvel Champions 20 Questions Hotseat. Thank you for taking time out of your day to answer our questions.

No no, thank you. It really is an honor.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Let’s kick this off with your history with Marvel. What was your history with Marvel, if any, before you discovered Marvel Champions?
I played A LOT of Overpower TCG back in the late 90s and it was one of my favorite games. I loved the fast pacing and the art.

2. Moving into Marvel Champions, where and when did you learn about the game?
I believe it was the weekend before Gen Con. My L5R group here had some early info on it and I was very excited to get any info I could on this game at the time.

3. Before playing the game, what was your first impression?
Well, since playing the Arkham Horror LCG, I had some idea of what FFG could do with a card game that featured superheroes. 

Also coming from Arkham, I did have some idea. Though I was hoping for more story and upgrading of decks then we got (mainly because that’s what I know from Arkham). I was very intrigued on how they would make it.

4. When did you play the game your first time and how did it affect your first impression?
My first game was online (I prefer online instead of in-person, mainly because i’m a hard introvert), at the time I was very impressed with the flow of the game and the resource/ draw rules. 

5. Clearly you love the game enough to do content for it, what was the final push that made you want to do content?
Well, it was mainly due to the fact that I wanted to play with my friends who live in Springfield, MO so I started a TTS mod and then thought I could use this to record some games and help newer players learn to play.

6. Speaking of content, what kind of content do you do for the game and where can people find it?
Marvel Champions Monthly is a podcast I do and Mediocre Gamers on YouTube is a place I make videos for. I am also on most of the discords under Crimson. 🙂

7. Has doing content for the game taught you anything about the game or yourself that you may not have learned? If so what was it, If not why not?
Oh ya, first it’s hard lol. As an introvert person making videos and being out there was hard. But I do enjoy it so much. Also, I learned you can’t make everyone happy you can just do your best and hope that people like it.

8. Diving into the game itself, who is your favorite hero to play as, what aspect is your favorite and why?
I’m an old school blue Magic the Gathering player so when I first looked into the core set, She-Hulk was the one that called to be because of the Split Personality card and a finisher in Gamma Slam. I paired her with justice to control the timer. Right now, I’m all in on Black Widow protection and her ability to draw, untap and have traps.

9. How about the villain side, who is your favorite villain to play against, which encounter set is your favorite so far and why?
I love playing vs Klaw. He has some great cards and when paired with Power Surge modular, he can burn through his deck fast.

10. How do you prefer to play and if it is not alone, what does your playgroup look like?
I prefer 2 player games that really is the sweet spot it feels (vs Arkham it’s 3 players). I mainly play with a IRL friend at his house or on TTS

11. Do you customize your gaming experience anyway that goes beyond the official rules for the game, if so how and why?
Yes, I love playing a lot of the homebrew stuff this community has made. I love using the hard-mode challenges that Kennedyhawk has made.

12. As is, how does Marvel Champions stack up to other games you play or have played? It’s a very solid game. I do wish it had more deck upgrading and story but maybe someday. Arkham will still be my main game night game. It’s very different from the other card games I have played because it is a coop game.

13. Is there anything you would change with how the game currently is? If so how, If not why not?
Other then what I have talked about so far, I would like more villains but it does look like FFG is getting us more with the story box.

14. What was the craziest game you’ve had so far or your favorite memory from playing the game to date?
I one-shot Rhino stage 2 with She-Hulk once and I was like wow, that just happened. lol

15. If FFG came to you and said they wanted to put you in charge of creating OP for this game, how would you do it and what would that look like?
I would go the same route Arkham has gone with. Big events that use a new villain and story with that villain

16. If you could bring any hero into the game, who would they be, what would they do and why?
Wolverine 1000% I’m an X-Men guy. He would focus on healing and attacking and removing tough status.

17. If you could bring any villain into the game, who would they be, what would they do and why?
Magneto – and the Brotherhood. I would think that he would focus on upgrade removal and getting his minions out.

18. If you had to turn yourself into a card for the game, what kind of card (it can be a hero, upgrade, event, hero, villain, minion, etc) would you be, what would you do and why?
Persona – and I would be justice with a card-drawing effect.

19. Time to head towards the conclusion but we need to touch on the MCU. What is your favorite MCU film and why?
The first Iron Man, it was a great fun film and really was the foundation that the others stand on.

20. Before we get out of here, what is something you would like to share with our readers that most of them may not know about yourself?
I’m a huge X-Men fan and any time I see X-Men homebrew stuff, I playtest it right away. I also live in Omaha NE and you can find me on most of the Omaha Facebook groups under the name Murphy Iirishman 😛 ).

Also, the name Crimson came from a MTG card called Crimson Hellkite. 🙂

Thanks again Crimson for answering our questions. We wish you the best in your content and would like to thank you for giving back to the community.

Thank you this has been very fun and I love your content a lot too.

If people would like to find you or your content, where can they find it?
Youtube channel: Podcast I do:
Crimson#1011 on Discord

Thank you readers for reading this article and stay tuned for our next entry into this series, coming Wednesday. Till then, we wish you nothing but the best and stay safe out there.

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