The Marvel Champions Discord Definitive Community Ranking, Issue 1: Core Set-Thor

Welcome to a collaborative effort between I Rebel and the Marvel Champions Discord channel. The following is a definitive ranking of 4 elements in Marvel Champions, heroes, aspects, villain scenarios and modular sets. This ranking was done by surveying members of the Marvel Champions Discord community by what they thought was the best to worst in these 4 categories. “Best” was defined by, but not limited to, the most efficiency in-game, well-roundness, and/or engages the mechanics of the game smoothly. Of course, this is still highly subjective and isn’t perfect, and it should be treated as such. This is for fun and should be a reference point. Points were given out as followed: 1 to the worst, 2 to the second worst and so on. Without farther ado, let’s dive into what the Marvel Champions Discord community thinks.


  1. Captain America/Steve Rogers (468 points)
  2. Iron Man/Tony Stark (385 points)
  3. Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (329 points)
  4. Spider-Man/Peter Parker (308 points)
  5. Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan (296 points)
  6. Black Panther/T’Challa (285 points)
  7. Thor/Odinson (158 points)
  8. She-Hulk/Jenifer Walters (147 points)


  1. Leadership (229 points)
  2. Justice (182 points)
  3. Protection (141 points)
  4. Aggression (108 points)

Villain Scenarios

  1. Green Goblin – Mugition Formula (352 points)
  2. Klaw (287 points)
  3. Ultron (267 points)
  4. Green Goblin/Norman Osborn (172 points)
  5. Wrecking Crew (163 points)
  6. Rhino (145 points)

Modular Sets

  1. Legions of Hydra (461 points)
  2. Masters of Evil (415 points)
  3. Power Drain (385 points)
  4. The Doomsday Chair (356 points)
  5. A Mess of Things (338 points)
  6. Goblin Gimmicks (314 points)
  7. Running Interference (298 points)
  8. Under Attack (235 points)
  9. Bomb Scare (168 points)

Total Votes: 66


-Maybe specify the questionnaire for solo vs multiplayer. Or do a ranking for both?
Good point! But to keep it simple, we are just doing one survey instead of two.

-Separating Rankings for Solo and Group play could be beneficial. Also, specifying if ranking Villain/Modular sets by difficulty. Survey just said “Best”
See above. On difficulty for the villain half of the survey, good point. Best, IMO, I think would fit with its difficulty. But that may vary from person to person.

-Thanks for all the effort!
My pleasure! It was fun to do

-Was difficult to keep track of choices already selected
I had trouble as well. Next time we are going to include a list that you can cross off and/or recommend keeping track yourself. I have not figured out how to prevent this in Google surveys and it is only going to become more challenging the more content that comes out.

Next Ranking Information

Yes, we are planning on doing this again and regularly.

A month after the Story box is released

What will be added:
Heroes: Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Hawkeye & Spider-Woman
Villain Scenarios: Red Skull, Taskmaster, Zola, Absorbing Man & Crossbones
Modular Sets: 3 unknown Hyra modulars & any others one in Rise of Red Skull

Thank you to everyone who filled out this survey, we can not wait to do it again next time.  You guys rock and so does this game.


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