Day 1A vs. Day 1B – A Brief Look at the Some Data from Top Cut at the 2019 Star Wars: Destiny Worlds

Written by Bill Yankosky (aka Yodaman)

By all accounts, 2019 Worlds for Star Wars Destiny was a big success.  As we started to dive into the data from the decks that made the top cut, JediGeekGirl had an idea she asked me to explore and it’s led to this brief article.

With Day 1 of Worlds split over 2 different days because of the size of the field, JGG, wondered if there was any noticeable difference between the top cut performance of people who played on Day 1A vs. Day 1B.  On the one hand playing on Day 1A gave people a bit of a break from high-level Destiny before entering the cut.  Having time to refresh and recharge certainly could be a help.  However, for people playing Day 1B, it’s possible they might just stay “in the zone” and keep momentum they may have had going into the top cut.  So what actually happened, let’s take a brief look at the numbers and find out.

The Overall Breakdown

Day 1A

Day 1B




# players in Top 2



# players in Top 4



# players in Top 8



# players in Top 16



# players in Top 32



# players in Top 63 Cut total



One really interesting thing that people may have noticed pretty quickly was the entire Top 4 consisted of people who had played on Day 1A.

Also at every stage, Day 1A players as a group, performed better overall than Day 1B players did in the top cut.

Another interesting thing to notice is the overall records in the top cut for Day 1A players compared to Day 1B players.  Day 1A players did noticeably better in the Top Cut.  Since there were 63 players, we ignore the bye earned by Hunter Shelburne and look at the 62 matches actually played in the Top Cut at 2019 Worlds.

Wins in Cut

Losses in Cut

Win % in Cut

Day 1A Players




Day 1B Players




A more detailed analysis of the bracket for the Top Cut, lets us see how each group did against players from the other group when facing off in the cut.  It turned out that:

 Day 1A players went 19-10 in matchups against Day 1B players in the Top Cut.

So head to head, Day 1A players won nearly 2/3 of the matches they played against Day 1B players.  That result was quite surprising.

Overall, Day 1A players had more success in the top cut than those who played on Day 1B.  Maybe it was a fluke or perhaps having a break was just what people needed to have a deep run in the tournament!  It’s something future players may want to keep in mind if there are multiple Day 1s at an event.

Thanks to JediGeekGirl for suggesting I look at this data and allowing me to contribute this brief article to I Rebel.  Thanks also to everyone who took the time to read it.

May The Force Be With You!














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